About Me

Basic Profile

Location: Pullman, WA in USA
Ethnicity: Korean American
Age: 24 years old
DOB: 12/19/1989

Beauty Profile

Skin Type: Dry
Foundation Shades: Light Beige (Etude House), or any lightest color for other brands
Hair: Currently colored with Palty Milk Tea
         Medium length with waves into them
Favorite Make-up Brand: Etude House and Tonymoly
Favorite Fashion Style: Onee Gyaru, NEO Gal, and Mori Girl


Favorite Food: Most people think would love spicy food since I am Korean, 
                         but I also love Mexican food and Italian Food!!
Favorite Music: J-Rock (Visual Kei), Old k-pop, and J-pop
Favorite Singer: Gackt, Matsushita Yuya, Seo tae-ji, any YG based artists

Many people will remember me as K.Hyunwal, if you are familiar with my old YouTube videos

As I got older and I think it also had to do with my major during my college year,
I thought I would love to inform people as well as entertaining my audience with my videos

I may not be doing as many singing videos as I did before and I apologize for those people who were looking forward to me to do cover again
As my life have changed once more, I need little time to get adjusted to my environment,
as well as making sometime to do singing videos again

Mean while, please enjoy my blogs and videos on my Channel
I know right now it is mostly about beauty related topics,
but once I get adjusted, I will post more variety of things that hopefully you will find very useful!


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