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(Review ★) I-Codi Colors Of The Wind No 19 Lime & Skin79 Gold Pumping Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ [SPONSORED by UNIQSO]

Hello Beauty Holics!!
First of all, Happy New Years!
I hope everyone had amazing holidays and started this brand new year with a great start

I'm here today with another review from UNIQSO to help you guys to find a perfect beauty item for the year of 2016!
Let's go~

For December review, I have received a pair of circle lens and a SKIN 79 Pumping Cushion, along with a animal print facial mask

With cold winter weather, it is very important to keep your skin moisturized, so I would highly recommend the Dry Monkey mask from Skin 79, since it has Hyaluronic which is known ingredient to make extremely dry skin to be full of moisture!!
Each animal mask uses different ingredient, so be sure to check them out and pick the one that will be best for you!

For the circle lens, I thought i would try out some different color for the first time, so I went ahead and decided on Lime Green color lens from I-Codi Colors of the Wind series

I've tried out Blue Violet from this series, for more information on the lens please click HERE

Diameter: 15mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Usage: 1 Year
Price: $22.90 USD

If you are familiar with I-Codi Colors of the Wind series, they are 50 different shades of circle lens which creates different looks for your liking!!
It has many color variation and designs on each lens, I feel like there's not one lens which would appear the same as another

Since I loved the Blue Violet from last time, I could not wait to receive this one to try out!




Comfort:  ☆★★★★ / ★★★★★
Hula Effect: ★★★★★ / ★★★★★
Doughnut Effect: ★★★★★ / ★★★★★
Color: ☆☆★★★ / ★★★★★
Design: ★★★★★ / ★★★★★
Enlargement: ★★★★★ / ★★★★★

Comfort, Despite the fact that this lens only has 38% water content, and considering how I spent most of the time inside of a building with heater going off for all day, I didn't feel much of dryness to my eyes which can occur a lot, especially during winter time
I was quite satisfied about that, and was very happy that I didn't needed to carry around any eye drops to help my eyes to stay moisturized

Hula Effect, the only thing that almost caused Hula Effect to occur in this lens, is because I almost put one of the lens on my eyes backward
Since the print on the lens is quite prominent from both side, it was quite hard to tell it apart wether its inside out or not
So when you are putting this lens on, please be sure to check the edges to make sure you're putting it on right
Once I put the lens on right, I didn't feel any discomfort or pain in my eyes

Doughnut Effect, this was very unlikely to happen for the #19 Lime, since as i mentioned from above, this lens has very vivid design on it
Colors were so pigmented, it covered every inch of my natural eye color just so perfectly, so I wasn't able to see any gap between the lens itself and the whites of my eyes

Color, this section was little bit disappointing for me, because I expected this lens to be more yellowish green rather than being green color
I mean it does have hint of yellow pigments on the center of the circle lens, but it is not as visible as I was hoping it would be, so that was slightly disappointing

Design, I alwasys loved the design on I-Codi Colors of the Wind series, since it uses very natural looking printing methods, which allows your eyes to appear more human like
Usually color lens with green, purple, and pink appears to be very artificial and non human like
I know, those kinds of lens would be perfect for cosplaying and what not, however, since I wanted a lens that I can wear on daily basis, I wanted more natural appearance.
So if you are one of those people like me, who would like to wear color lens with natural and yet fabulous color on it, I would recommend I-Codi Colors of the Wind series!

Enlargement, with dotty black rims, #19 Lime gives rather natural enlargement effect to my eyes
I know more solid printed black rim can be very artificial looking, which is not much of my favorite when it comes to circle lens
I know some people love that dolly appearance enlargement effect, but if you are into more of natural enlargement effect, I would recommend you to look for something with similar printing methods as this one

Now for the next item that we will be looking at is something that I was really looking forward to try out for a long time since other Korean cosmetic companies came out with it
It is a Pumping cushion from SKIN 79

Now during my teenage year, I definitely loved using SKIN 79 Hot Pink BB Cream, and it still is one of my favorite BB Cream of all time
So I was excited to see when they came out with compact type of BB Cream which uses Pumping cushion design

Now if you didn't know, SKIN 79's BB cream has been around for many many years and was and still is considered as one of the top 5 BB Creams in the world
Even though it's being loved by many people around the world, the way the original BB Cream container is designed is quite bulky and hard to carry around

That is when this design comes in
For convenience many BB cream started to come in a cushion form for awhile now
BB Cushions has been very popular and now it is spreading across to the American Beauty market as well

However, there are couple negatives about BB Cushion, which is, it dries up too fast and can be unsanitary 
Since typical BB Cushion uses a sponge soaked with BB creams, it can be easily dry up if you don't close the rid properly and since we can't exactly change the sponge that has the BB cream soaked into, it is quite easy for bacteria to grow in those sponge

That is why now some Korean Beauty companies are creating a cushion that is a pushing type that has a plastic cover that goes over the pouch which contains the BB Cream and dispense it and can wipe off the plastic palette to keep it clean
I've been meaning to try out one sometime in the future, but was not able to just yet, since those type of cushions are little more expensive than the regular BB Cushions

And UNIQSO come out with this BB pushing cushion which made me scream in excitement!
They have the Gold edition or the hot Pink edition

I've chosen the Gold edition because I wanted something that will have great coverage as well as be able to hide wrinkles and pores very well
I mean I don't really have the wrinkles, but I do have some visible pores, which becomes very visible when I tried other foundations and BB Cream

Since I heard so many good things about Gold edition of BB Cream, I thought I would try out this one

Mine was manufactured on September 22nd, 2015 and it is good until March 21st, 2018
Each product will have its on expiration date marked on the box it came with or on the back of the product itself, so be sure to check it

There were two colors for Gold Edition, which is #21 Bright Beige and #23 Natural Beige
Since I have very pale skin, I chose Bright Beige

It comes with famous air puff which is common applicator for BB cushion

(*Remove the sticker before using)

To get the product out, just gently press down the plastic plate and the BB cream will come out from the holes
When you opened it for the first time, you're gonna have to pump it for about 3 times to get enough product out

For the color, I was expecting little bit more brighter, but it was actually more yellowish darker tone than my own skin color
But I do prefer yellow based foundation, because they are much better at hiding any blemishes!

Because of the dryness, my skin has lot of redness and quite some blemishes
But after I applied the product, it has great coverage, which is hard to achieve from BB cushions from just one layer of product
I was able to achieve more even toned skin appearance with just one layer of BB cream from this cushion!!
Application was very smooth since the BB cream itself was very creamy

Usually other SKIN 79 BB creams that I have used before tends to give more grayish tone to it, but since this particular cream has yellow base tone to it, instead of killing off the natural tone of your skin, it is more natural looking!!
I was extremely satisfied with how it applied as well as how long it stayed on my skin for

Even after all day of wearing this product, it wasn't necessary for me to apply this product again, cause unlike other product that I've used before, it sticks to my skin very well and covered any blemishes (especially redness on my skin) very well

If you are one of those people with lots of redness to the skin as well as dryness I would definitely recommend this product because with collagen as it's main ingredient you are going to be able to achieve very flawless appearing skin!!

Well that's all for today, I hope you guys will have wonderful week and I will be back with more post!!

For any questions and comments, please leave a comment below!

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  1. Tbh I actually might try the foundation, I'm always looking for a yellow based one! So many korean foundations aren't too yellow...


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