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(Review ★) Sweety Nudy Ice Pink & I.Fairy Siberian Brown [SPONSORED by UNIQSO]

Hello my Beauty Holics!
I hope you guys all had wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your family and loved ones
For November, I have another sponsored review from UNIQSO with their latest product

For this month's review, I have received two circle lenses along with this cute Face Mask Pack from SKIN79 which is not available for purchase at UNIQSO
Currently it's been very popular in Asian beauty companies to release skin care facial mask with animal print on them to make it fun
For this particular face mask it comes with 6 different designs, so be sure to check it out!
Different designs are meant to have different affect on the skin, and for the one that I received it is supposed to give brightening effect on your skin
I will get into more detailed review of this particular product in my next review!

For the first circle lens, I thought I would try out the new brand called Sweety
UNIQSO launched many different selection from Sweety and from them, I've decided to try out Nudy Ice Pink

This lens came in plastic container, which is much safer and easier to open compare to the glass bottle, which circle lens usually comes in

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 40%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Usage: 1 Year
Price: $20.90 USD

Sweety Nudy Ice Series comes in 6 different colors which are:
Violet, Pink, Grey, Green, Brown and Blue

What I found interesting about this series is that, just like the name "Ice" most of the colors comes with bluish mint color at the center of the lens to give that nice icy effect on the eyes


** For this review, Natural Light picture was unable to taken, due to the extreme lack of sunlight from the weather


Comfort:  ☆★★★★ / ★★★★★
Hula Effect: ★★★★★ / ★★★★★
Doughnut Effect: ☆☆★★★ / ★★★★★
Color: ★★★★★ / ★★★★★
Design: ★★★★★ / ★★★★★
Enlargement: ★★★★★ / ★★★★★

Comfort, despite the fact that there's heater being turned on every where I go, and how it makes my eyes to become more dry than usual, I was able to wear this lens for at least 7 hours without feeling much of discomfort
I think since this lens has 40% water content, which is slightly higher than the usual circle lens, so it allows more moisture to my eyes

Hula Effect, since the lens did stayed moist for quite sometime, I didn't feel any discomfort or had any sign of blurriness in vision since the lens itself followed my eye movements very well

Doughnut Effect, for this section I was little worried about it, because this particular lens does not have solid print for its main color. It has more of stripe like design with some gaps on the, which allows my natural eye colors to show a bit. So there was some gaps that were shown between the circle lens and my natural eyes when I exaggerated my eye movement.
However, the rim of the lens cover those gaps fairly well, so unless you are exaggerating your eye movements like how I did in the test shot, you are not gonna have too much problem with it

Color, similar to the Doughnut Effect section, I was concerned about the color itself showing up on my dark brown eyes
But unlike what I expected, the colors of the lens were very pigmented and show up really well
It's not to the point where it's too bright, to make it too unrealistic, but subtle enough to give that nice hint of pink and mint color to your eyes

Design, I did loved the design of this lens just from looking at the display picture on the UNIQSO website
And when I got the lens and saw it in person, I was not disappointed at all
The way colors were printed are the way that it'll blend out with your natural eye color by having small gaps in between the color pigments
And the rim of the lens is not too exaggerated, which sometimes could make your eyes to look like an alien

Enlargement, Even though the lens itself has standard circle lens size, it actually give nice subtle enlargement to your eyes, with the help of thin rim around it
I was quite satisfied with the effect it was giving, since I am not a big fan of big googly eyes

Overall, this lens is something that I could have fun with
Since my current hair color is very colorful, this particular series made my whole look to go along together
I would love to try out other colors of this series when I get the chance in the future!!
If you want something new, and want some sparkling effect to your eyes, Sweety Nudy Ice series seems to be perfect fit for your, cause that mint pigments in the center of the lens will give such effect

Second pair that I will be introducing is from i.Fairy brand called Siberian Brown
Without doubt, I have to say I REALLY LOVE the way how i.Fairy designs their bottle because it makes you feel magical
If you can see, this particular design has little pegasus drawn on them, which I fell in love with

Diameter: 16.2mm
Water Content: 55%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Usage: 1 Year
Price: $22.90 USD

i.Fairy Siberian series comes with 3 different colors:
Blue, Brown and Grey

Since I've wanted to try out some nice hazel like color lens for my collection, I have selected Brown to try out



Comfort:  ★★★★★ / ★★★★★
Hula Effect: ★★★★★ / ★★★★★
Doughnut Effect: ☆☆☆★★ / ★★★★★
Color: ☆☆★★★ / ★★★★★
Design: ☆★★★★ / ★★★★★
Enlargement: ☆★★★★ / ★★★★★

Comfort, I don't know if it's because this lens has 50% water content, but I was truly amazed about how comfortable this lens was
Usually, I will always feel, if I'm wearing a lens, no matter how good of water content it may have
However, when I tried this lens on for the first time, I had to look at the mirror several times just to make sure the lens was in my eyes, because I literally felt nothing!!!
So kudos i.Fairy with making such comfortable lens!!

Hula Effect, I don't think I need to talk about too much about this section, since it pretty much answered itself from above
With such flexible and comfortable lens, I didn't had any discomfort or blurriness in vision at all!!

Doughnut Effect, I was quite disappointed about this section and it is very sad that I had to give such low score on it
Since the Siberian series is very transparent color, it is really hard to not to notice the gap between the lens itself and my eyes
Even when I am not exaggerating my eye movements, you can clearly see those gaps
But because of it's transparency, it almost gives that hazy look to my eyes
So if you want some more of natural hazy looking eyes, this is the series you should try out

Color, when I looked at the display photo at the UNIQSO website, I thought this lens might be too bright for my liking
However, when I actually tried them on, since its transparency allows the lens color to blend in with my natural eye color, it kind of neutralize the intensity of the color
So I was satisfied with the color it gave to my eyes
It's not to the point where it doesn't show up at all or being too unrealistic

Design, I absolutely love the design of it
If you have read many of my circle lens reviews for awhile, I think you might know that I'm big fan of lens that uses the stripy printing method on the lens, because it allows the colors to blend really well with the person's natural eye color
And by using that exact method I adore, this series is able to give that natural appearance to your eyes
And by using dark brown rim, instead of solid black rim, it gives rather softer appearance as well

Enlargement, personally I thought this lens was going to give such a huge enlargement, since it is way bigger than usual lens that I use on daily basis
However, cause of the stripe printing method as well as having dark brown rim, it gives more of a subtle enlargement, which maybe causing the issue of not making my eyes to appear as big as it should have
But, since I don't want to make my eyes to appear to big, it didn't bother me too much

I feel like i.Fairy Siberian series would be perfect fit for those people who are into Gyaru make-up or for Beauty gurus, cause it will give nice color and hazy smoky effect to your eyes which allows any harsh make-up to be perfect fit for it
When your eye make up is strong, you do not want your eye color to be too strong cause it could be too much

Well that's it for today, I hope to bring more reviews for you guys soon!!
And I am slowly going to start to do more posting and perhaps more make-up reviews soon!
Until next time, stay safe

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