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(Review ★) Skin Food Royal Honey Cover Bounce Cushion [SPONSORED by Jolse]

Hello Beauty Holics!!
How was your summer?
It's been crazy for me this couple of months... with many changes been happening which kept me away from doing blogging for awhile...

Sorry about the long hiatus!!
To make it up to you, here's a new cosmetic review which was kindly sponsored by Jolse!!

Today's product is going to be a product from Skin Food

If you are not familiar with Skin Food, they are the Korean cosmetic brand, which is striving for making their products out of food to give the nutrients your skin needs
Many of their product are made out of vegetables as well as other food items that are known for keeping your skin healthy and glowing

Right now in Asian country it is very popular to create dewy glowing look for the skin make-up
That is why, there is many different foundations, bb creams and bb cushions that use their main ingredient as honey, cause honey is known to give most moisturizing effect to your skin!!

Not only that it is great at exfoliating your skin, cause it is high in antioxidant and enzymes to help remove dead skin cells and promote new skin cell growth

From the Skin Food Royal Honey series, I've decided to try out their Cover Bounce Cushion cause it is designed little bit different than any other cushion foundation out there in the market

There is two color that comes in which are:
#1 Light Beige
#2 Natural Beige

I think I've mentioned this so many time before, but it does seems little bit unfortunate that Korea is yet to make many variety in foundation color, since most Korean woman want's to achieve that nice pale skin appearance rather than healthy tan look

This product does not come in a box packaging, which kind of surprised me

But if you look at the back of the cushion and flip the cover open, you can see what is inside of the cushion
Sadly, the descriptions are all in Korean T^T

Unlike other air puffs that I have seen, this is nude colored air puff, which appears to be more nicely than the blue ones that I have seen
And personally, I feel like this puff was less likely to soak up all the product in, when you are trying to apply them on your skin!

Just like any other cushion foundation, there is going to be a film to protect the product from drying

I've tried to get this at the right angle, but it was rather difficult than I anticipated

The reason why this cushion is called "Bounce Cushion" is that, there is actually a little pouch within the cushion itself, which stores the foundation
By designing the cushion this way, it prevents the product from drying out too fast, which I found interesting

So if you actually take a good look at the cushion from side ways, you will see how the center of the cushion is popping out

Because of the way it is designed inside, there's actually quite a lot of product will come out from just a gentle push, so be sure to control the amount of pressure you're putting in!

The color of the product is rather lighter and little bit of yellow tint than I expected, but it may be cause my hands are tan from driving around

I personally prefer foundation that has yellow tint to it, cause it tends to cover up any blemishes lot better!

I have taken the picture of after and before picture of application of the product
If you look on the right side, I have some redness and pores showing up, as well as some dark circles around the eye area

But once I applied this product, redness disappeared, and my pores became less noticeable cause the foundation fill the gaps quite well
It also brighten up my skin and make it appear more even tone!

I have to say, this became my go to product for this whole summer cause it prevented my skin from drying out so much, due to the windy dry weather in Pullman
Also there is a huge fire been going around the area causing my skin to become more dry than usual T^T

For any of those people who have trouble with dry skin, and looking for something that is not going to make your skin to appear too oily, looking into something that uses honey as main ingredient is something to consider

And personally, I loved this product cause usually when I use other products, my skin became little irritated and became too dry
My eyelids had been at really horrible state, but ever since I started to apply this foundation my horrible eyelids condition disappeared!
And that amazed me, cause I have been using many different ointments and skin care products to fix the problem I was having!!
Who knew, that the honey would be the answer to my problem??

I would seriously recommend to all those people who are dealing with serious scarring and dryness on the skin!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this review, I will be back with more in the future
And for any questions and concern, please leave a comment below!


  1. I'm curious about this cushion very much. I'm a bb cushion lover and I think I have to try this one. Nice review dear ^^


  2. wow its really good how it treated your skin even though its a makeup product :) i really like makeup that has a bit of skincare infused in it~
    i don't have dry skin though but the product sounds really nice!!


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