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(Review ★) Love Live Umi Sonoda & Love Stage Izumi Sena [SPONSORED by UNIQSO]

Hello my Beauty holics!!
How is your summer vacation going so far?
Since there has been so many changes been going on with my life in general, I had to put away blogging for quite a bit recently....

Sorry for long over due!!
To make it up to you guys, I have brought two reviews from amazing sponsor UNIQSO 
with their great wigs!!

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Now let's get into the review

For this review, UNIQSO kindly sponsored me with 2 cosplay wigs
First one is wig for Umi Sonoda from popular anime Love Live! School Idol Project

I personally love this anime and wanted to recreate the other members of the group Muse for my cosplay make-up tutorials later on!
I wanted to try out Umi, cause she is just really interesting character, and also I have never tried blue wig before!!!
So I thought I must try this one out!

Shipping took about 2 weeks since it was being shipped from China
That is average time for when package will arrive from Asia

All wigs comes in with their own individual packaging to keep its shape

Type: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Dark Blue
Wig Length: 100cm
Price: 27.90 USD

Now when I opened up this wig, it actually surprised me quite a bit, because this wig use two different colored fibre to create the deep blue appearance!
They used mixture of black and bright blue together and blended it well to create the perfect match for Umi's hair

Since this is more of a long wig, they tried to make sure not to use too many hairs to be sewn on which prevents the wig from being too heavy when you are wearing them

Keep in mind that this wig is 100cm long, which means it is gonna come down all the way to your hip!!
It is quite difficult to prevent the wig from tangling when it is this long, unless you are used to wearing such a long wig
So for those who are not used to long wigs, I highly advise you to trim it down, so it'll be the way you want it to be
I decided to keep the length, but I did had to trim the bang so it won't be too long

Despite its color, most of UNIQSO wig that I have experienced so far has really amazing texture to it
It feels smooth and silky as if it was a real hair
I own few of much fake like fibre wigs so this quality really amazed me!!

Under any lighting the nice blue color shows up really well
Some people may worry, what if it appears more as black color, but to be honest this wig does its job of creating true deep blue color!!
So for those people who are looking for good deep blue colored wig, I highly recommend this one!

Next wig we are gonna take a look at is Izumi Sena from Love Stage
Now as a long time fan of Zaou Taishi's manga, I could not pass my opportunity to try out the wig of the recent anime of her's Love Stage
Not only that, Izumi's hair style is quite interesting cause he has pointy hair standing out in the middle of his head, which kind of reminded me of Alfafa from Little Rascals

Type: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Brown
Wig Length: 35cm
Price: 24.90 USD

Although this wig is listed as a brown colored wig, in real life it appeared to be orange color
This wig has very same color as Honoka wig that I own

Now I was curious on how they were going to keep the shape of that antena like hair in the middle
I guess they have style it with very strong hair spray to hold it in place, but I was little disappointed by the way how mine was shaped, cause it was kind of all curvy than how it is supposed to look
I feel like I will have to fix it later on

This wig is 35cm long, which is quite longer than my real hair length
It covers along my jawlines which may feel longer for Izumi on some people, but for myself it was great length to create that Otaku look

Only cutting I had to do was the bang area to match the length of my face

This has very similar color and texture as the Honoka wig that I have, which makes it feel really good
It does feel little bit heavier compare to the Umi wig that I tried on before this, but that may be caused from the fact that shorter wigs has more hairs sewn into to create more natural layers

Color of this wigs almost appear as orangish blonde hair depends on where the light hits
But it matches the hair of Izumi in the anime very well!!
Also the way it is originally cut allows your face to appear lot smaller cause it is shaped to surround your face shape

I was really satisfied with the color and the style of this wig, cause I didn't had to do, too much of modification to fit the character

I hope you guys like this review, and also don't forget that you can use coupon code "khyunwal" to get 10% off from your purchase!

I will be back with more reviews in the future
Have wonderful summer!


  1. I think the style and colour of the first wig looks really good on you! :'D Thank you for the honest review!~

    Junniku blog!

  2. They both look nice on you~ especially the blue one i think it matches your skin tone really well and i like how you coloured your eyebrows to match :)
    I've always wanted to try on uniqso wigs! hopefully i have the chance one day to have a reason to buy a wig haha!

  3. Real hair wigs are very much friendly to the skin as it breathes so that, it will not going to affect much more to the scalp. quality synthetic lace front wigs Do not comb your human hair wig when it is still wet, let it air dry and only comb it when you are sure that it is completely dry using a wide comb brush and as you do it start from the ends and work your way to the top to avoid shedding.


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