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(Review ★) Palty Foam Hair Dye : Milk Tea Brown

Hello Beauty Holics~~
How's your early summer time is coming along?
Since summer is just around corner, I thought I should introduce some nice summer hair color for you guys~
As you guys know, I really love blonde and kind of ash blonde color in general, and personally I think ash blonde hair is really good during hot summer time, cause ash color has kind of cool tone to it

I have been getting lots of compliments on my hair color from many people in real life, and also get compliments from hair dressers ^^
And I have to be honest, I was able to achieve this nice color thanks to Palty Foam Hair Dye!!

Now I have done review of Palty Hair Dye in same color before, but this particular foam type is little bit different than the regular hair dye

Regular Palty Hair Dye is more of a bleaching type of hair dye, cause when Palty hair dye first came out, its purpose was to allow thick Asian hairs to become lighter than normal hair dye
On some of the colors that they came out with, you didn't had to bleach your hair as much, because it will even out your hair much better
But to be honest, those type of hair dye may cause some skin irritation for those people who have delicate skin

On the other hand, Foam type of hair dye from my personal opinion, is more for evening out your hair color without irritating your skin as much
But since it may not have as strong affect as the regular type, I would have to say some bleaching is necessary, in order to achieve the color you desire

Many of different hair dye brands comes out with foam type now-a-days, which makes home hair dying process much easier: reduce the risk of spilling and having uneven color

Now, since I often bleach my hair, and since I always do my hair myself, using this foam hair dye is much convenient for me
And since I had such a great result from regular Palty Hair Dye in Milk Tea Brown, I thought I would try out the same color for the foam dye!

**REMINDER: If you have dyed your hair to darker color, or if you are wanting to go to lighter hair color, some bleaching process is necessary for this type of hair dye!

I purchased this foam hair dye from my favorite E-bay seller, which is Ichitrading
I mean different sellers have different colors in stock, but if you are searching for Milk Tea Brown, Ichitrading always have this color for $15.99 USD + Free Shipping


Compare to the regular Palty Hair Dye, color display on this one is much lighter
And I personally loved the design of the box itself

Each color has different design on the box, representing the name of its color
It is sooo cute~

As I have mentioned above, if you are wanting to achieve the similar color as how it is displayed in the box, bleaching is necessary
As you can see from the color chart, if you are trying to go to Milk Tea Brown color from brown hair color, you won't be able to achieve that same color
Only thing it'll do is to even out some of the redness that is in your hair

On the back of the box, they display the picture description on how to mix and use the dye, but for your convenience, I will explain it step-by-step

Once you open the box, it comes with following items:

1. Foaming hair color : 75ml of Base Water and 75g of Color Cream
2. Hair Treatment : Tsubaki Camilla Oil
3. Mixing cup and spoon
4. Gloves
5. Instruction book


Before starting your hair dying process, you will see that there is little puncture marks on the back side of the box
First thing you will need to do is to push down the back of the box to create an opening to place your cup
This is to help you hold down the cup while you are dying your hair

After that open the 1st bottle, which contains the base water or volumizer for your hair dye
and pour it into the cup

After that you will put the hair color cream inside the cup

And then you are going to use your spoon the stir them together in circular motion for about 20 to 40 times
Be sure to not go over 40 times, cause it will cause the foam to flatten!
Which means less foam to dye your hair with!

If you look at the cup itself, there will be line
You are going to make sure that foam will reach that mark

After your foam is successfully created, apply it all over your hair with your hand with gloves on

You are going to want to leave it on for only 25 minutes and no longer than that!
If you have blonde hair and dying to this color, please do not go over more than 25 minutes, because it will make your hair color to become darker!

And I don't think you want to do that
So be sure to leave timer on if you can!

Once 25 minutes is up, you just rinse your hair and then apply the tsubaki oil that was included in the box if some moisturizing is necessary for your hair

I have bleached my hair before I dye it to Milk Tea Brown, and as you can see my roots has more orange tone compare to other parts of my hair, cause it hasn't been bleached as much as other parts of my hair had been
So there are quite some uneven coloring to my hair

However, once I dye my hair with the foam dye, you can see my hair became more of even tone with cool ash color
Initially it will give some gray silver tone to your hair, which evens out the redness in your hair
That color will fade away after sometime, but for myself, after couple weeks or so, my hair became more even color with more blonde hair tone to it

I always recommend people to go for ash blonde, or ash type of hair color if you are having trouble with orange or redness in your hair, cause when people with darker hair color is trying to go for lighter hair color, it will make your red tint in your hair more vivid
So you want to be sure to even that tone out, and not everyone always want to bleach your hair, cause it will cause your hair to damage

So if you don't want to risk damaging your hair so much from excessive use of chemical, I would always recommend going for ash color and go lighter slowly as you can

Personally, I can never go wrong with ash blonde hair color so I was satisfied with the color
And rather than having just flat out blonde hair, I love this Milk Tea Brown for the coloring it gives

With help of that ash tone, personally it feels like it brighten up my complexions little more

I hope you guys liked this review!
For any questions and concern, please leave a comment below

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