Monday, May 18, 2015

(Review ★) Jolse Cosmetic Review : May

Hello everyone!
Today I have some cool cosmetic reviews from amazing store named Jolse!!
I was allowed to do some reviews for them and picked five six items to show you guys!
This is the items which are going to be featured in my upcoming make-up tutorial, so please stay tuned!!

To tell you guys little bit about Jolse, this is online store which is based in Korea, that sells variety of Korean Cosmetics, Skin Care as well as some Fashion items!
This is Non-Korean speaker friendly website, so you can choose each items without having language barrier or anything like that!

What I really liked about Jolse is not just the fact that they have variety of Korean cosmetics, but for the fact how they price their items!
Unlike many online shops that are based in oversea, which tends to charge you almost the double the price of certain items compare to its original price

What kind of amazed me was that I have done my research to see how much the price is different from the original price as how Jolse prices them is, they are only couple dollars more than how it is in Korea, which is extremely cheap!!
Also they have many events going on, which allows you to buy many items for as same as original price!
Now that is a bargain that is hard to find for us oversea shoppers!

And what makes it better is they offer worldwide free shipping which could take about 2 weeks to a month to be received, but you can ask for tracking number by either paying $2.50 for it if your order is less than $40

Be sure to check out their website, if you are looking for some reasonable price Korean cosmetics~!

Also don't forget to check out their YouTube channel, which has cool beauty tutorials such as make-up and nailart featuring the items that are sold from Jolse!

First product that I will talk about is the Timeless Carat Cover Foundation from Tonymoly!
Now, I personally haven't used foundation since I was in high school, so I was looking forward to trying this one out

As many of you know, I talked about how great is Tonymoly's BB cream and CC creams, since they does not become oxidized after long time of wearing, so it made me wonder how good their foundation would be like

There were other foundations from Tonymoly, but I wanted to try this one out because I heard good things about its coverage and moisturizing effect

To give little bit of information about this product, it uses ingredients like mineral ice water and collagen to give that amazing moisturizing effect which will last all day, so for those who are wanting more dewy finish for the base make-up this is something to consider
Also it focuses on brightening your complex

This product comes in two different colors which are:
NO 21 Skin Beige
NO 23 Natural Beige

I know personally that either colors are little too dark for me, since I have quite pale skin for a Korean, but I decided to try NO 21 out, which is commonly used foundation color among Korean girls

This product actually have quite elegant looking design on the box itself and the container
I really loved the designs of Tonymoly~!

On the bottom it will show production date in black writing
Mine was made on January 26, 2015

This is very easy to use pumping type and when you first get it, it comes with this small black stopper in front of the opening to prevent the product from drying and away from any bacteria!
Every time I am done using this product, I always put that stopper back on just to keep it in good condition

As you can see, I decided to do the coverage testing to see how well it cover the blemishes or any imperfection on the skin, cause it said that this product produce great coverage because of its texture
When I apply this product on my skin, instead of having that sticky feel which I used to get from some foundations, it is more creamy feel to it

And it glided on my skin without any problem!
And as you can see, the coverage is quite amazing
Usually when I do this kind of coverage test, you can see some traces of black eyeliner, but as you can see in the picture, this covered the black eyeliner completely
And since its has that slight yellow undertone to it, it does great job in giving perfect coverage for any blemishes and imperfection on the skin!

I think using just a small amount would do great coverage on the skin overall

Next items is from brand called Bbia
Now this brand is well known for their amazing eyeshadows and the auto gel eyeliner which I am going to do review of today

Bbia's auto gel eyeliner is known for no smudging what-so-ever when it comes to waterproof and fast drying
Now I have used many "waterproof" eyeliners before, but I have to say they were not too great with preventing smudging no matter what
And oh boy, when I tried this one out, I can see why so many Korean Beauty Bloggers were praising this product!

When I was using this product for my waterline, it actually stayed on my waterline through out all day and no sign of smudging!
And I always had hard time applying any color eyeliner on my waterline, cause it will smudge cause of the moisture
But this definitely showed great waterproof effect!

Also application is super easy, since the formula of this product is really smooth~

And it comes in many different colors so its hard to name it all, but different colors are good for defining your eye shape, giving highlights around your eye area as well as using it as eye shadow!
I would say it is very similar to Etude House Play 101 Pencil

This product comes in nice pencil size with very simple design on it

From many colors, #4 Rose Gold color really stood out to me, cause I've been meaning to get this type of color to use on my waterline for almost a year, but didn't had any chance to finding the right one!
And finally I got my chance to try it out!

The color itself seems like a gold color with some shimmer particles in them!
Also as you can see from the picture, this is auto-type pencil, which means you actually twist the pencil to get more product out
So you don't need to sharpen  it with normal pencil sharpner

Good thing about this product is, it comes with sharpener on the other end of the pencil
So be sure to keep in mind, when you need to sharpen your eyeliner, be sure to use the sharpener it came with!

Now when I first looked at the product itself, it appeared to be more of gold colors than rose gold color
But once I applied it on my skin, you can see that there is slight pink tone to it with nice gold shimmer!
Which makes it really good highlight color

I decided to use this color with the other two items that I've got and I feel like depending on what color of make-up you use for your eyes, the rose gold color change its color slightly

Since I've used brown shades for my eye make-up, and as you can see it has slight golden brown to it instead of being pure gold color
But it has really nice highlight color to it, instead of being too overwhelming

I was really satisfied with the product and the result it gave

 Next items I will talk about is single eyeshadows from brand called Aritaum
Similar to Etude House's Look at My Eyes, they have what is called Mono Eyes series which has many different types of eyeshadows, such as cream, matte, shimmer, baked, pressed and so on
Not only that, there are 100 different colors you can choose from, which is a lot!!

This product uses lecthin coating powder and oil binder system to increase the ability of it sticking to your skin with very vivid color

I know some of Etude House's Look at My Eyes has problem when it comes to sticking on the skin or showing vivid color depending on how it was produced
So it made me wonder how different Mono Eyes would be compare to them

I picked out two colors from Mono Eyes which are:
# 21 : Taupe (Cream Type)
#40 : Instinct (Pressed Type)

They come in very simple casing as you can see, and keep the center part with clear plastic which allows you to see the color right away

Only thing I was sad about is, that they should have reinforced this casing little bit more, cause when I was trying to open the product, one of them actually came off from its case
Maybe the should use better glue to help holding it down?

First color we are going to take a look at is #21 Taupe (Cream)
I wanted some darker neutral eyeshadow color to give more depth to my brown eye make-up
And I thought hey, why not try out Taupe color
To be honest, I did not know it was a cream type, until I got the product

And surprisingly it worked really well for me
I thought it was going to be kind of matte finishing cause that's kind of experience I had with cream eyeshadows
But it actually has very nice shimmer effect to it

Only downside I have to talk about this product is, that it kind of melt really easily if it is hot weather
So when you are storing this, try to keep it away from hot temperature as much as possible!

Next color we are going to take a look at is #40 Instinct (Pressed)
This eyeshadow appeared to be more brown  color when I look at the product picture when I was choosing my color, but when I got the product I was little bit surprised to see how it was more of orange color than I expected
And shimmer particles were more visible than I thought

Initially I thought this shadow was going to be really rough on the skin during the application, cause of the size of the shimmer particles
But unlike what I expected, it was actually very smooth texture and color was very defined
This felt like really good color to use as the main color for your make-up

When I was doing the swatch test, top one is the Taupe and bottom one is the Instinct

Taupe actually seems like to be shiny eyeshadow than I expected
I thought it would be more similar to taupe color or khaki color, but when you apply on your skin the shimmer particles which were hidden inside the cream shadow becomes more visible
So as you can see this shimmer particles reflects more lights than #40 Instinct

On the other hand, Instinct appears to be light brown or orange brown color depending on where the light is coming from
And shimmer particles are actually quite mild than #21 Taupe

Even though coloring was lot different than I expected, I still did my make-up as how I was intending to use each color

On the make-up I used usual ivory eyeshadow as base color and layered the colors as I go
I used the Taupe color on the outer crease area to give more depth and at the same time it give little bit of definition to my eyes cause of its shimmery particle

And Brown color does appeared to be little bit more brown than orange, but it does change the color slightly when lighting moves around
I think these two colors goes along quite better than I expected
I am looking forward to trying more colors from this collection in the future!!

Last but not least, it is a lip product!
I've been wanting to try this particular lip product for a long time cause I was really loving the way how it was produced!

This product is called Honey Melting Tint which looks very similar to a lipstick, but it actually has some staining effect which tints are known for

This Honey Melting Tint used honey as their main ingredient, therefore it gives lots of moisturizing effect to your lips
And with help of Collagen Barrier, it prevents color from smudging as much and stick to your lips really fast!

I know some tints can be very drying on the lips, so I have been looking for something that will help keeping my lips moisturized as long as possible
And since I've always used diy honey sugar lip scrub, I knew how effective it would be

Out of 13 colors that they have from this product, I've decided to use #S13 Ruby Grapefruit
since I am kind of wanting to try some orange lip color instead of using red ones

On the bottom they have the date it was produced which is January 29, 2015

It definitely appears to be very thick type of lip stick when you first look at it
And color seems to be very vivid which literally appears to be red orange color
If you are not big fan of such strong color like this, this product has colors which are slightly more softer so be sure to check out the color chart before purchasing

The surprise fact about this product is that, similar to Mono Eyes cream eyeshadow, when it gets hot product might become very dense
I think its because of the honey that they used for this
So please keep in mind, store it in cool place as much as possible to prevent it from "melting"

I think since back of my hand has more of yellow pigment to it compare to skins on other parts, all the color swatch appears more yellowish

But as you can see from the picture, color appears to be very orange color, rather than red orange color
But depending on what your lip color is, end result will change, so keep that in mind

My lips has baby pink tone in general, so when I applied small amount of tis product it actually gave pinkish orange appearance to it
**(It may vary in each person)

Also this product felt slightly heavy and matte on me, so I went ahead and applied little bit of lip balm to help my lips to be more moisturized
But overall, I thought the result was very interesting cause it was different color than I expected!
I think this product may give different result to each person, so go ahead and try~

So that's all the items that I've gotten from Jolse, if you guys have any questions and concern about anything, please leave a comment below


  1. I'm so envious to see the cute products that Jolse sent you. All seems to be very good products.
    Unfortunately the color of the foundation appears to be very yellow for me ;< Yes, you're right, that reminds me of the Play 101 pencils from Etude House. In addition, I had not heard of that brand before, I better take it into consideration.The Mono Eyes from Aritaum are so many who simply could not decide on one (I am super-indecisive). By the way, that lip color looks very cute on you, I have two other colors and I like them very much.
    Hope you are having a nice day!♥

  2. Jolse is really nice <3 love the products you chose, Jesse! That eyeliner pencil looks good for eyebrows and matches your hair color too :D hope you can make separate review post in detail about the foundation more, Jesse ^^

  3. Great products. I would love to use these products. I have never used foundation before so I will give it a try. I have been using cream by lifecell and the results are amazing.


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