Monday, May 18, 2015

(Review ★) Jolse Cosmetic Review : May

Hello everyone!
Today I have some cool cosmetic reviews from amazing store named Jolse!!
I was allowed to do some reviews for them and picked five six items to show you guys!
This is the items which are going to be featured in my upcoming make-up tutorial, so please stay tuned!!

To tell you guys little bit about Jolse, this is online store which is based in Korea, that sells variety of Korean Cosmetics, Skin Care as well as some Fashion items!
This is Non-Korean speaker friendly website, so you can choose each items without having language barrier or anything like that!

What I really liked about Jolse is not just the fact that they have variety of Korean cosmetics, but for the fact how they price their items!
Unlike many online shops that are based in oversea, which tends to charge you almost the double the price of certain items compare to its original price

What kind of amazed me was that I have done my research to see how much the price is different from the original price as how Jolse prices them is, they are only couple dollars more than how it is in Korea, which is extremely cheap!!
Also they have many events going on, which allows you to buy many items for as same as original price!
Now that is a bargain that is hard to find for us oversea shoppers!

And what makes it better is they offer worldwide free shipping which could take about 2 weeks to a month to be received, but you can ask for tracking number by either paying $2.50 for it if your order is less than $40

Be sure to check out their website, if you are looking for some reasonable price Korean cosmetics~!

Also don't forget to check out their YouTube channel, which has cool beauty tutorials such as make-up and nailart featuring the items that are sold from Jolse!

Monday, May 4, 2015

(Review ★) Palty Foam Hair Dye : Milk Tea Brown

Hello Beauty Holics~~
How's your early summer time is coming along?
Since summer is just around corner, I thought I should introduce some nice summer hair color for you guys~
As you guys know, I really love blonde and kind of ash blonde color in general, and personally I think ash blonde hair is really good during hot summer time, cause ash color has kind of cool tone to it

I have been getting lots of compliments on my hair color from many people in real life, and also get compliments from hair dressers ^^
And I have to be honest, I was able to achieve this nice color thanks to Palty Foam Hair Dye!!

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