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(Review ★) Rilakkuma Kigurumi [SPONSORED by UNIQSO]

Hello my Beauty Holics~
Today, I have the second portion of my review for UNIQSO
And this time, instead of doing usual circle lens review, I have a Kigurimi or A.K.A. Onesies!

If you guys did not know, UNIQSO recently started to sell variety of Kigurumis on their website
Their selection varies for animal prints, super hero and some of anime animal characters!

I've been loving Kigurumi since it came out back in somewhere like 2004!
Back then it was really hard to get my hands on one of it, since not many international stores sold them 
I believe the very first one I got was a Hamtaro Kigurumi

Whenever I see Kigurumi, it gets me excited so for this review, I thought I decided to pick my favorite character of all time, Rilakkuma!!

To remind you guys, since Mother's day is just around the corner, I am glad to let you guys know that UNIQSO is having special Mother's day promotion going on right now!

For this promotion, they have selected few items that will make you and your mother wonderful
There's list of circle lenses and SKIN79 Gold BB Cream as selection

If you guys chose 2 items from the listed items, you'll get lowest price for DHL Express mail so you can get your product just in time
Also there will be up to 20% discount on those items that are listed

For SKIN79 Gold BB Cream, if you purchase the 40g product, you'll get 5g one for free

And last but not least, if you were to get 3 items from the listed items, you will have chance to get a free pairs of Barbie, Kawayii and Lens Story branded lens
Be sure to check it out

Also you guys can use "khyunwal" to get 10% off from UNIQSO purchase

Just to let you guys know, Kigurumi's or wigs that are being ordered with Circle lenses come as two different packages!
And depending on what type of shipping services you chose, it'll get to you differently

There's regular China Post, Express Shipping and EMS
Usually China Post takes about from somewhere around to 2 weeks or little longer so I don't mind using the China Post

Unless you are in a hurry, than you might consider using EMS mailing option

As I've mentioned, my package came within about couples weeks or so and my circle lens got here earlier than Kigurumi by like a week or so

Package came in simple waterproof vinyl type packaging to protect it from any moisture


 I really loved the material they have used for this Rilakkuma Kigurumi
This is being sold for $29.90 USD
Uusally I've seen them using normal polyester type of material or fleece material for it

For this particular one, they have used what is called Micro fur
If you don't know what Micro fur is, it is basically 100% polyester fur looking material
It is not as expensive as the real animal fur, but hey it sometimes feels better than the fur!

I know when I used to work at fabric store, many customers bought this material to make baby blanket, cause it feels as if cloud is touching you~~

Just to let you know when you are buying Kigurumi, be sure to choose the right size for you
Usually, I pick one size bigger than what I need cause I like mine more baggy than being tight

This particular one comes in four different size, which is S,M, L, and XL

If you have not tried out Kigurumi's before, they use just simple button up rather than using zippers like how American onesie does!

It has nice stretch polyester cuffing which doesn't fit too tight on your wrist and ankle
You can pull your sleeve up if you want to, but just be sure not to pull up too much because it could stretch the cuffs!

There was this one mysterious opening in the butt area
And there is zipper attached to that area for some reason
It's not as if you can detach the whole thing from top and bottom, but it is only that back area

I do not know and not sure what that opening is for, but I have to say that was just weird

One thing that really interested me with this Kigurumi when I got this, cause I have never seen one with pockets!
I don't know how many people would have courage enough to wear this outside of your house as I do sometimes, but by having pocket, it is making carrying items very convenient!

But it is not as deep as you might want to be, so be sure to remember that!

The hoodie part has nice fit to it
However, I do prefer hoodie to be more roomie for myself


I really liked how this fit on me and not only that this feels wonderful during the cold weather
During this time, even though it should be spring time, Pullman can be very very cold and almost like a winter time, so it is very important to keep yourself warm
And since the inner linings are has more longer fur it keeps your very warm

So for this one, I recommend it for people who live around colder area or use it during winter time!

Also since its such a soft material, it feels so comfortable to wear when you are sleeping
It gives that nice micro fur blanket effect all over your body~

Also if you are wanting to use it all year long, you could try to look for Polyester one instead of micro fur or fleece one, cause they are much lighter material so it isn't too hot for summer time uses

I hope you guys liked this review, for any questions please leave a comment below

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