Sunday, April 26, 2015

(Review ★) Rilakkuma Kigurumi [SPONSORED by UNIQSO]

Hello my Beauty Holics~
Today, I have the second portion of my review for UNIQSO
And this time, instead of doing usual circle lens review, I have a Kigurimi or A.K.A. Onesies!

If you guys did not know, UNIQSO recently started to sell variety of Kigurumis on their website
Their selection varies for animal prints, super hero and some of anime animal characters!

I've been loving Kigurumi since it came out back in somewhere like 2004!
Back then it was really hard to get my hands on one of it, since not many international stores sold them 
I believe the very first one I got was a Hamtaro Kigurumi

Whenever I see Kigurumi, it gets me excited so for this review, I thought I decided to pick my favorite character of all time, Rilakkuma!!

To remind you guys, since Mother's day is just around the corner, I am glad to let you guys know that UNIQSO is having special Mother's day promotion going on right now!

For this promotion, they have selected few items that will make you and your mother wonderful
There's list of circle lenses and SKIN79 Gold BB Cream as selection

If you guys chose 2 items from the listed items, you'll get lowest price for DHL Express mail so you can get your product just in time
Also there will be up to 20% discount on those items that are listed

For SKIN79 Gold BB Cream, if you purchase the 40g product, you'll get 5g one for free

And last but not least, if you were to get 3 items from the listed items, you will have chance to get a free pairs of Barbie, Kawayii and Lens Story branded lens
Be sure to check it out

Also you guys can use "khyunwal" to get 10% off from UNIQSO purchase

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Hello Beauty Holics!
Sorry being away for couple weeks recently!
Getting used to different scheduling is still taking me sometime, and also I have been working on some special project with someone which will be revealed hopefully this week ^^

Anyway, I am here to do my review that was kindly sponsored by Uniqso
I'll be doing review of this new circle lens that came out from GEOLICA that is using this newly developed Silicone Hydrogel technology!!

Remember when you are purchasing items from UNIQSO, my viewers can get 10% discount on their purchase by entering "khyunwal" in the coupon code section ^^

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