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(Review ★) Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam : January

Hello Beautyholics, and Happy Lunar Year!
I hope everyone had or is having great  Lunar Year celebration!!

First of all, sorry for the long over due review of the January Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam!
I have been busy getting used to the new job I recently started, so it was quite hard to have sometime for myself to do a review!
But hey, it is finally here and I hope you guys will find this helpful 

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Avocado is known as one of the fruits that is great for keeping youthful look
It is also very popular beauty treatment ingredient because it is so full of healthy fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants

Many beauty holics knows, that antioxidant is very important to prevent and fine lines, wrinkles or any other skin aging signs
That is why it is very important to eat or use natural ingredients that is full of antioxidant as possible
And this wonderful avocado which is also known as the butter of the forest, is very important ingredient to consume
With its various antioxidant components, it will help creating protection for your skin, which will prevent it from being damaged from any environment

Not only that it is also rich in Vitamin C, which is very important component to create elastin and collagen for your skin, which will help your skin to be more firm and help it appear youthful

And as I have mentioned from above, how Avocado is known as "Butter of Forest" its fatty acids will help your skin to stay moisturized and prevent it from having any redness on your skin caused from damaged skin cells and irritations

January is one of the coldest time of the year of all time, so it is crucial to keep your skin moisturized as possible, especially for people like me
I have very fragile skin which is easily irritated from the dry climate, so I constantly have to apply shea butter or coconut oil on my skin to reduce the irritation as much as possible

Etude House decided to focus on moisturizing in order to reduce the dryness of the skin caused from the cold weather

They are focused in using moist pearl cream, which will keep your skin more moisturized compared to regular moist gel that I have tried before

As usual, I am going to try this product out by applying a layer of BB cream over my skin and try to see how its cleansing ability is


As you can see before using the cleansing foam, my skin looks rather dry and my lines on the skin is rather visible
But after applying the cleansing foam lines have reduced by a lot, and gives almost that whitening and smooth looking skin
It also clean without leaving any trace so as always, Etude House is really good at making cleansing foam with one of the best cleansing ability!

I have used moisturizers that use avocado as main ingredient and I was always satisfied with the softness it gave to my skin
Now I have never used a cleansing foam that uses avocado as the main ingredient
And hey, Etude House never disappoint me when it comes to skin care product!
They really does great job to keep your skin moisturized but not to the point where it makes your skin to be greasy
I can feel it instantly that my skin became smooth as soon as I wash the foam off from my face

My skin is always dealing with serious dryness and irritation cause weather in Washington is just not so great
I always have redness around my nose area as well as my cheek area as you can see from the picture
But after cleaning my face, redness reduced by a lot, and gave almost whitening effect

Before cleaning my face, as you can see my skin is very dull and dry, hey even the device say so!
I am lack of the necessary oil for my skin as well as the moisture
However, after cleaning my face you can see I have more softness and moisture on my skin!

Well I hope you guys like this review and for any questions and concern please leave a comment below

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