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(Review ★) Etude House Princess Happy Ending Collection : Cinderella Fairy Glitter Shadow

Hello Beauty Holics!
How is your 2015 going so far?
Today, I have my first review of Etude House Princess Happy Ending Collection
I have all the collections with me that I need to do review on, so please stay tune for upcoming review of this collection!

To start it off, I am doing the review of one of the Cinderella collection, which is Fairy Glitter Shadow

If you have not heard about this new collection, it came out around late summer of 2014
Etude House did collaboration with Disney and came out lines of product representing Four of the Disney Princesses: Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, and Jasmine

Each princess has the make-up which represents their own color as well as their characteristics

Cinderella always believed that her dream will come true, and thanks to Fairy God Mother she was able to transform into beautiful princess
Representing that wonderful Fairy Magic, they have came up with Shimmery Cream Eyeshadows for Cinderella series

This new Fairy Glitter Shadow is first cream type eyeshadow that was produced from Etude House
For this new moisturizing cream shadow they use what is called "Elastic Binder System," which means its texture is so soft and moisturizing, it almost feels like jello

Also they tried to reduce the shimmery particles from falling out, which can be the common problem when you are using shimmery eyeshadow

Also it sticks to your skin much better and the color of the product is very natural finishing, which reduces creasing of eyeshadows

There is three different color that came out for this eyeshadows: Pink Glass Heels, Magic Pumpkin and Evening Party

Pink Glass Heels is berry color eyeshadow with silver glitter particles in them, which creates little bit of cool pink tone to it

Magic Pumpkin is Orange Brown eyeshadow with silver glitter as well, unlike Pink Glass Heels, this creates more of warm tone to your eyes, which would be great for daily looks

Evening Party is brown color eyeshadow with silver glitter particles, and this would be used for more darker appearance, which could be used on the outer crease when you are using Magic Pumpkin

Overall the colors are very neutral color which can be used with any other eyeshadows from my personal opinion

Now, let's take more detailed look at the product itself


On the back of the packaging itself, there is nice silhouette figure of the wonderful Cinderella, her glass slipper and the castle
I really liked how Etude House have artwork of the each Disney Princess on the Packaging itself
This definitely made me enjoy every single item, and I actually kept them to collect
Not only that, they have drawings of the castle and Pumpkin carriage all over the package itself representing the princess

This product comes in nice glass container which is pretty reasonable size
And each color have different designs on them, which represents the color's names

At the bottom of the container, there is expiration day of the product
This product is good until 7/7/2015, so it lasts for more than one year

When you open the top, you will see clear plastic top which will help to keep the product moisturized and keep it away from any germs

Now let's take a look at each colors

Pink Glass Heels is designed with nice pink color with glass slippers and castle silhouettes all over the blue background

When you look at the color itself it appears to be deep red color, however when you apply on the skin it actually appear as very sheer pink eyeshadow with shimmers in it

Little downside about this particular color was that, as you can see in the picture even though this is supposed to be cream shadow type, it is all dried out
Now I am not sure if that is because of the packaging, or just the formula for this color is just little drying
But I will make a video of how to fix this problem with any type of cream eyeshadows in my YouTube channel, so stay tuned!

Magic Pumpkin has more of pale pink color with pumpkin carriage and castle silhouettes all over the case

Now this has very vivid orange brown color, and since it has lots of shimmer particles in, this bounces the lights much better and give shinny effect

Similar to Pink Glass Heels, this formula seem to be little bit dried as well, but since I have fixed the issue with my method, which I will reveal in near future, it is fine~

Now this is my favorite designs of all I would say
Evening Party is designed with nice golden color which make the whole case to appear very elegant~!

Evening Party has more of brown color with silver shimmers which is not too over powering
I would use this color as shadow color to make your eyes appear deeper (Preferably for hazy look)

And compare to the other two colors, this is more moisturizing

Now that we saw how the each product looks, I am going to take some swatches of this product to see how the colors look on the skin

#1 Pink Glass Heels: As I have mentioned, although color itself appeared to be deep red, once you apply on the skin it is more of strawberry pink tone with silver shimmers in them
This is really nice color to use as Point for your eye make-up
Even though product itself seemed to be dried up, it actually applied really smoothly on the skin

#2 Magic Pumpkin: This orange brown color actually applies more like a bright brown color with hint of gold and silver shimmers in it
Compare to the #1 and #3, this color applies much vivid, which means its good to be used as the base shadow color, when you are feeling little fancy for the evening

#3 Evening Party: This color applies little bit deeper than it seems to be, and compare to the other two colors, it doesn't feel as shimmery, which makes it perfect for shadow color

I have tried #2 and #3 color for my Alice in Wonderland tutorial as natural looking make-up with little bit of shimmers in them
If you want to see the good video of it, click HERE

Well that is my personal opinion about this product line
If there is any questions and concern about this product please leave a comment below


  1. They are really pretty! Too bad I'm not an eyeshadow person, else I'll definitely get it.


    1. I just love how the colors are for the Etude House eyeshadows ^^


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