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(Review ★) Etude House Look at My Eyes Pink & Purple

Hello my beauty holics!!
First of all Happy New Years!!
It is already 2015!!
I was actually surprised my first post of year 2015 would be on New Year!
What a coincidence, right?

Today's review is going to be something I haven't done for a long time
Which is review of Eyeshadow!!

I have been using this Etude House Look at My Eyes eyeshadow alot, not just in my tutorials but as well as my daily make-up, and thought I should share it with you guys as well!

What I personally love about this particular shadows is that Etude House managed to create so many variety of colors and texture for eyeshadows
I am not going to lie, but this is probably my far most favorite eyeshadow series ever!!

For my first part, I will do reviews of Pink and Purple shades that I have from different series of Look at My Eyes
If you haven't heard of Look at My Eyes, they come in 3 different series:
Jewel (Shimmery Eyeshadows)
Cafe (Matte Eyeshadows)
Original Look at My Eyes (Mixture of Shimmery & Matte)

As I have mentioned from above, Look at My Eyes eyeshadow has become my most favorite shadow line for many reason
Usually I had hard time finding the shadows that I like in America, since they are mostly focused on the same shimmery particles or the texture when it comes to eyeshadows
And sometimes, it is too powdery for myself, which can irritate my eyes really easily
And then, I came across this eyeshadows

Look at My Eyes always comes up with variety of colors and mixture of different shimmery particles and eyeshadow texture, which gives many variety to choose from!

What I like about the most is, they use Silicone Coating on this product line, to allow the shadows to stick to your skin, without flying around!
And also it lasts for very long time, thanks to Sebum Control Powder, which means if you wear this all day, it will still show great color at the end of the day!

Even thought there is all these great features, what got me the most is their variety of shimmery particles!!
They use different size and texture particles when they are creating shimmery eyeshadows, which means it allows me to create many different looks!

Original and Cafe series can be found for about $3.50 on Etude House website,
and Jewel series will be found at $5.50


As you can see in the picture, Look at My Eyes comes in really nice simple container like this, where you can see the color of the product without having to open it!

Every new product comes with sticker seal like that to hold it in place
Therefore, before using the shadow, be sure to remove the seal!

Now if you are wanting to carry around your eyeshadow altogether without having to carry individual ones, you can actually make your own palette!
They have palette casing for either 3 different colors or 8 different colors
I personally use 8 color palette to pick out the colors I would like to use for daily, 
that way I can find the colors easily

For the 3 color palette, I would pick the 3 main colors that I will use for the day, and carry it around~

Now I have taken out the sticker in the back to show the hole that is hiding underneath

To take the eyeshadow out from the casing, you would simply get a safety pin or some kind of needle to poke a hole in the back

And gently push it out with the pin
When you are pushing it out, be sure to keep the case open and have it facing upward

An then you would simply place it on the palette~
It is really simple to keep it in one place and carry it around
Each palette case comes with brush or sponge applicator with it~

If you are wanting to change to different color, you remove the eyeshadow by inserting the pin at the location where there is tiny opening for pin to go underneath
And gently lift it

Now that I have explained about the palette case, lets talk about the colors itself!


It little hard to see from the picture itself, but PK 001 Peach Latte, although it is one of the Cafe series which is mostly focused on matte texture eyeshadows, this one has slight silver shimmer particles in them
Since this is White Coral Pink color, I guess using silver shimmer particles are actually suitable
And since the shimmer particles are actually really small, you can barely see them

Personally, I would use this as a base color so I can layer other colors on the top of it

PK 006 Sunny Peach  which is also from Cafe series, is very similar to the Peach Latte
However unlike the Peach Latte, this doesn't have any shimmer particles at all
Also it is slightly lighter Peach color compare to Peach Latte

Next one we are going to take a look at is from Original Series PK 002 Help My Confession
Even though this is one of the pink shade, it is kind of Coral Pink with silver shimmer particles in it
Now, this one had about medium size shimmer particles, which made the texture of the shadow little rough compare to the Cafe series ones

But I really like the how the color looks when I apply it on the skin, cause it goes really well with the yellow undertone or kind of pink undertone skin!

Now this is my all time favorite color I would say
Apparently, if you are one of Etude House fans, you would own at least one of this shadow~
This is one of the Jewel series, PK 002 Shimmering Rose Gold Scarf
As you can see this has very deep rose color, and use very fine gold shimmery particles in them
Now it is quite difficult to see the gold shimmer at this angle, but the cool thing is, once you apply it on your eyes, you can see the color changing depending on where the light is coming from

Also, since the shimmery particle is very fine, it almost creates that Vaseline shine, which is great for creating appearance of very moisturize skin

Next one we will take a look at is another matte eyeshadow from Cafe series, PK 005 Strawberry Macaroon
Personally, I really love the name of the Cafe series shadows, cause it is named after sweet pastries as well as lattes

As you can see it is matte bright strawberry color, which is really great to use as point color for your eye makeup!
I love the texture of the Cafe series, cause it doesn't have any shimmery particles, so it apply on your skin without irritating your skin

PK 003 Berry Berry Soda is another Cafe series color
This is matte Hot Pink eyeshadow which is great color to use during Fall and Winter time
It is apparently upgrade version of Berry Soda which is discontinued at this moment

This would be great color to use for giving depth to your eyes if you are going to be use Strawberry Macaroon color as your main color

This PK 004 Deep Berry Soda is probably one of the darkest Pink shade from the Cafe Series, which have 
It is as you can see matte burgundy color, which would be good to use in place of eyeliner, or even to create your own vampire inspired make-up

Last but not least is the only Purple color I had at this moment, is PP 501 Sweet Potato Latte from Cafe Series

As you can see, this is very toned down light lavender color, which at some angle appear kind of light brown color
It is great to use for giving depth to your eyes

Now that we saw how each colors look by itself, I am gonna demonstrate how each color looks on the skin

Peach Latte, even though this color is White Coral Pink color once it applied on my skin which has some yellow undertone to it, it appears to be very light baby pink
It instantly brighten up my skin on the spot where it is applied as you can see in the picture
You can see there is some light reflecting with the help of the shimmer particles

Sunny Peach, this color is supposed to be light Peach color
I thought the color was going to be very similar to the Peach Latte to be honest, but as you can see it actually has little bit more peach tone compared to the Peach Latte
Even though it is matte texture, since cause of its color it appears to be brightening and giving color to my skin

Help My Confession, this color is definitely show up as nice Coral pink color to it. Also even though shimmer particles are little bigger compare to the Peach Latte, once I applied on my skin as you can see the light reflects much better than the Peach Latte

Shimmering Rose Gold Scarf, this color has such nice finishing for my personal preference
Although the rose color may not be as strong as some people may want, but for me I really like that subtle color with Vaseline like shimmering effect of the gold shimmer particles
It is really great color to be put over any pink shades eyeshadow if you want to add some shine to it!

Strawberry Macaroon, I don't think I have seen a Strwaberry color eyeshadow like this before
Usually what I have seen was so vivid color, which wasn't much of my liking
I like some subtle application when it is vivid color eyeshadows!
So I use this color alot along with the Rose Gold Scarf!

Berry Berry Soda, personally I thought this color would be little bit much darker than how it is appears to be on the picture
This actually was bought on the purpose of used as to create the depth with using Strawberry Macaroon color, which actually did work out really well, since it is basically darker version of Strawberry Macaroon color

Deep Berry Soda, this color has really nice burgundy color
I feel like this could be really good color to use when you are wanting to create dramatic make-up look
I have not figure out which other colors I will layer it on to compliment color, but I feel like it could be used with some light gold shimmery shadows with it

Sweet Potato Latte, this is first purple tone I have attempted to try out
It is supposed to have some brown tone added into the purple color, but it in a way brighten up your eyes
I think this would be nice color to use for people with pale skin tone, cause lavender color look really good with bright color

Personally the colors that I have purchased are really well successful and great texture for myself

If there is any questions and concern, please leave a comment below

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  1. Hello dear, you did such an accurate description of those eyeshadows! :-) I'd like to buy the 3 color pallete an put in my eyeshadows, but I don't know the diameter of the empty pots!


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