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(Review ★) Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam : December

Hello Beautyholics!
Sorry for my delay on posting Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam for December!
I have finally was able to do my personal review after trying out for a whole month during December and wanted to share it with you all!

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Now, I personally heard people talking about how drinking one glass of red wine before you go to sleep at night is actually good for promoting your heart health as well as letting you sleep at ease

But what I didn't know about was, it's rising popularity of being used as Skin care products!!

Since wine is full of antioxidants, it helps to promote restoring collagen and elastic fibers in your skin : so to make it easier, it makes your skin more youthful
Not only that it is known for giving fresh glow to the skin my removing any tan and blemishes on the skin as well!!
So basically, red wine is great way to keep your skin young and healthy

Also it helps fighting any acne and inflammation on the skin thanks to its natural AHA!

So if you are having skin troubles after being exposed in the sun for a long time, doing some red wine facial will help your skin to restore~

This month's foam is focused on Revitalizing Cleansing, which basically means it is focused on making your skin soft and moisturizing
It is to help reduce the dullness caused by impurities

For more moisturizing effect they are using Moist Gel like the previous ones, which gives instant nice cooling and moisturizing effect once the foam touches your skin


As I have mentioned in my previous reviews, Moist Gel is really great way to keep your skin clean and moisturizing without having to have too much water on the skin
It is especially useful for those people who are having trouble with the dry skin, such as myself

Personally, I have never used the red wine skin care product before, so I was kind of eager to try this one out
What I liked about this product during December is that, I was able to have really great skin through out whole month thanks to this Every Month Cleansing Foam
As you ca see from the picture, it helped brighten up my skin after washing my face, as well as reducing too much redness
I usually deal with very bad case of blemishes during December, cause I get sick a lot
But thanks to this foam, my skin was clean and acne free for the whole month
Since I never knew red wine has such effect on the skin, I am planning on try out some DIY Red Wine skin facial when I get chance

As always, I used this little gadget to briefly show me how my skin is before and after
Before washing my face, I have some oil in the skin, but no moisture or softness
It is the basic example of dull and dry skin
But after washing my face, it has gain some of the moisture as well as getting its natural oil back
And cause of that it made my skin little bit softer than before the wash

This is my own personal experience, and I have personally purchased this product to try it out

If there is any questions and concern, please leave a comment below

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