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(Review ★) Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion

Hello my beautyholics!
Sorry about not posting anything for couple weeks!
Since it was my birthday last week, and Christmas this week, I was extremely busy with attending events and what not!

Today's review is something I have been meaning to do for a long time
This is kind of older product, but hey~
Why not do my own review right?

It is Etude House Mineral Any Cushion
This product was highly recommended to me by my dear sister Akira
She said since I have hard time with my dry skin, I need something that will help moisturizing my skin and yet cover my skin really well

So I am here to share my experience with you guys, lets go!

ETUDE HOUSE ANY  CUSHION : $31.93 (W2Beauty)

This product came in couple more types since it first came out, which is Moist type and Waterproof Type

Moist type more geared towards to keep your skin very moistful, which would be great for cold weather during fall and winter time
While Waterproof type will be more suitable to keep your skin matte and oil free during hot summer time

I guess this particular one that I am doing review on is more suitable during Spring time, where weather is not too cold and yet not too warm either, to make your skin to become too oily or too dry

This product which moisturize your skin and yet give nice "Glow Lock Complex' which will make your skin to appear more shiny by creating thin layer to protect your natural moisture from drying out
Also it doesn't cause much of darkening after long time of wearing, which can be caused by having BB cream touch the oxygen

This product comes in three different shades: Light Beige (N02), Natural Beige (W13), and Honey Beige (W24)
It kind of surprised me that Etude House released this product in one more darker shade, cause usually they only had two shades on their foundation color

Just like how Magic Any Cushion casing was designed, this has really nice simple design
It fits its name perfect with 'Pearl Any Cushion' this looks like wonderful pearl

Once you open the the compact, you see the mirror and Cushion pact's signature air puff
For the summer especially in Korea, cushion pact was really popular
cause it is easy to carry around, and the foundation in the product itself
Also unlike other foundations out there, this product particularly had slightly matte finishing, which is great for hot weather

I have mentioned this air puff in my 'How to Clean Air Puff' video

This is specially designed with double layer inside.
Which is able to pick up the foundation from the sponge itself and evenly apply it
This puff is now being used for many compact type of foundation in Asian cosmetics

In order to protect the product from drying out, they have seal on the top of the sponge itself
if it is first time opening the product

As you can see the product itself contains this sponge inside which is soaked with the BB Cream itself
Now when you are using this, you have to be sure to be careful to keep the lids closed all the way, when you are not using them
Cause if you let the oxygen in, it is easy for the product in the sponge to dry out


I've tried little swatch of the product in my arm to see how it blends in with my most pale part of my skin

Now to be honest, I really have pale skin compare to any Korean people
(It is sometime whiter than Caucasian people)
So even though I get lightest color that is being sold, sometime it is little bit yellow for me
But as you can see from the picture, this color actually matched my skin tone pretty nice
It didn't make my skin to appear as yellow as I have experienced with other product
So I was really satisfied with the tone

Overall, I was satisfied with how it felt on my skin
It wasn't too oily or too dry at the end of the day

However, little bit of downside would be, having not too much coverage by itself
So if you are wanting some nice coverage, you would either apply some concealer, or apply couple layers of the product to have more coverage

Also, it does seem like dry out fairly quick, which means you can use it for maybe 2 months period for one product
It is nice for the fact, that you can buy the individual refill pact, so you can change into new air puff and the product itself!
I thought that was kind of smart way of using your pact, because this means you don't have to by the pact itself every time you need new one!!

That is my review and thought about this product!

For any questions and concern, please leave a comment below~

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