Thursday, December 11, 2014

(Review ★) Dolly Wink False lashes NO.4 Feminine Style Review

Hello Beautyholics, I am back with another Dolly Wink eyelash review!
Personally I have tried other brand eyelashes as well, but you know, you cannot beat the famouse Tsubasa's Dolly Wink eyelashes so far!
Today's model I will do review on is the Dolly Wink #4 lash, Feminine style

I also did review of #2 Sweet Girly lashes, and you can read my review of that product by clicking HERE

#4 Lashes when it first came out, was one of the very first Half eyelash design that was released from Dolly Wink
Personally I enjoy using half lashes, cause I have a mole on the inner side of my eyelids,
so it is very difficult for me to find the lashes that will fit my eyes right, without irritating as much
I always would have to cut regular length lashes into half cause of that
So when I tried this design out, it solved all my problems!

If you're having trouble with  putting false eyelashes or have trouble finding false eyelashes that will fit your eye, you can consider using half lashes like this
Cause you don't have too much trouble with putting them on
Not only that it will fit any eyes with no problem, cause it is only half sized lashes

In the back they have example photo of Tsubasa's eyes with this product on

Similar to the #2 design, it uses clean wire for the lining parts
Which doesn't feel as uncomfortable like the normal black bands which was initially used for the false eyelashes
So you can wear this eyelashes without making your eyelids irritated, and it can fit your eye shape easily

This half lashes use natural appearance lashes in the inner side,
and as it goes outwards, lash design becomes more thick and dramatic
This allows your eyes to have that nice innocent looking without overdoing your make-up look

And also cause of the outer ends, it creates the illusion of bigger appearance eyes
However, cause of how it is design on outer ends, it can make the eyelashes to appear little bit droopy
So just remember, this is more suitable lashes for those puppy eyes look make-up rather than sexy cat eye make-up

This eyelashes maybe half sized, but they have really long length eyelashes so when you are using this, I would recommend applying some lengthening mascara on your real lashes, so it will match this False eyelashes's length~

I like to use this particular design as my daily lashes cause it doesn't feel uncomfortable for me
But I recommend to use some natural lower lashes, so it will even out that dramatic appearance of outer ends of this lashes
In this example picture I only used #4 Feminine Style only

If you guys have any questions or concern please leave a comment below


  1. you are so cute~ thanks for reviewing :) I've tried dolly wink before and my favorite is the dolly sweet no.1

    1. I have tried no1 recently while I was filming my latest makeup tutorial which is still being edited ^^ I will do my review of that product soon hopefully!! I did like no.1 as well cause it worked really well for one of those dolly look ^^


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