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(Review ★) Venus Eyes Mega Nudy Hazel 1-Day lens [SPONSORED by Pinkicon]

Hello Beautyholics!
Did you guys all had great Thanksgiving?
Since it was Thanksgiving yesterday, I didn't had any post!
That's why I am posting this review today

I was kindly offered to do sponsored review by Pinkicon of their circle lens products
If you guys haven't heard of Pinkicon, they are online shop which is based in Hong Kong
They carry variety of Japanese and Korean beauty products, such as circle lens, cosmetics, beauty accessories, and also other products like Camera and Fashion accessories!
They have different designs and brand of products which can't normally be find in some online beauty sites
They also provide over 500 circle lenses and numbers of most popular cosmetics in stock
So you guys can go ahead and check out the website by the clicking HERE

Today's product I will be reviewing is Venus Eyes product
Venus Eyes is famous circle lens brand located in Japan, and they are often used for Gyarus in Japan!
They have many natural designs and yet make your eyes pop out with amazing colors

I have always wanted to try out Venus Eyes personally, which got me really excited when I learned that I get to try one of the product from Venus Eyes!
This lens is actually 1-Day use lens, so I am really thrilled to share my experience with it!
Let's go! 

So, Pinkicon had one of the far most amazing shipping speed I have ever experienced!
They offer Free Shipping Worldwide, and for it took about a week to get to me!
Usually to get your package from Oversea, and you want to get it in a week,  you normally have to pay EMS shipping which can be really expensive!
So it is really nice for being able to get your package so quickly without having to pay too much additional fees

Also products came in bubble wrapped envelop to ensure your order get to you safely
They also put bubble wrap around the lens bottles to add more cushion to it

For this sponsored review, I was given two different product to do review on
Today I will do Venus Eyes first and get to the next one soon!
They provide you free circle lens case to store your lens!
Also they have nice instruction on how to take care of and wear your circle lenses with picture and descriptions!

They also have cute business card to show their information~
Be sure to follow their Social Media for their updates!

In the back of the card, you can make note of which day you opened your lens and make a note of when it expires!
I thought this was really nice idea, to help their customer to remind themselves when they need to discard their expired lens!

Now to get to the actual Venus Eyes Mega Nudy Hazel product
This is 1-Day use lens as I have mentioned before
And they come in nice box like this
I really like how the packaging look so sleek!
Nice black prints which is similar appearance as a clutch bag and have cute pink designs in the front

On the sides of the box, it shows description of the product as well as which side contains left and right side of the  lens
But since I am using Plano (0.00), I won't be too concerned about wearing wrong lens on wrong eye

What I liked about this box too is that it has cut out parts which makes it convenient for your to get the lenses out when you are wanting to use it!
And on the flap, it has the picture description of how to take the lens out from its packaging

This product comes in 10 pairs of lens, which means you can wear them for 10-days!
Now for the 1-Day use circle lens, I would recommend it for people who doesn't wear the circle lens too often, or searching for some safer circle lens to use!
1-Day use circle lens is specially designed to be more moisturizing compare to the other longer term use lens
And I am not going to lie, since sometime people in Korea often forget to bring lens cleaning kits when they are traveling, they like to use this 1-Day use lens to carry around and use
So I am probably going to use this if I was to go out somewhere overnight~

To open this circle lens is pretty self explanatory, but when you wear tearing it apart from the other lens containers, just be gentle with it, since you might break the seal of the other one!

Diameter: 14.5 mm
Water Content: 38.6%
Base Curve: 8.7 mm
Usage: 1-Day (10 Pairs)
Price: 39.73 USD

Now this Venus Eyes Mega Nudy comes in two colors, which is Hazel and Brown color
Which is really good for natural make-up look

Now I really like Venus Eyes lens design cause it use dotty prints instead of solid prints
Which allows your lens to appear more natural compare to the solid prints



Comfort: ★★★★★ / ★★★★★
Hula Effect: ★★★★★ / ★★★★★
Doughnut Effect: ☆★★★★ / ★★★★★
Color: ★★★★★ / ★★★★★
Design: ★★★★★ / ★★★★★
Enlargement: ★★★★★ / ★★★★★

Comfort, since this lens is indeed 1-Day use lens, it is obvious it felt more comfortable than the other lens I have used
It surely felt more moisturizing which did not made my eyes dry out at all!

Hula Effect, Since lens is very moisturized it followed my eye movements very well
So there was no sign of discomfort or blurry vision

Doughnut Effect, this had some points taken out since you can see the gap between my eye and the lens itself
But that is because the lens print is more transparent than being solid color
And it actually blends out really well so it doesn't look too awkward

Color, I really loved the color on this lens
I have tried Hazel color lens before, but from my experience they were more orange brown color than being Green color like this one
I really liked out it has yellowish green tint to it rather than being completely green
It has that hazy and fantasy appearance eyes!

Design, This has dotty printing lens so it allows your eyes to blend in with the lens naturally
And when I take a look at the lens itself it appears like a little Sun Flower, print which I personally like!
And since it uses dark grey rim rather than black one, it appears more naturally and subtle

Enlargement, This lens definitely have huge enlargement
But its not to the point where your eyes look too googly
Which allows this lens to be really perfect lens for Gyaru style make-up!

I hope you guys liked this review!
I will work on the second product from Pinkicon as soon as possible

Also Pinkicon kindly offered coupon code for my subscribers and readers to get $5 Off for your purchase
At the end of purchase you just need to enter in 'A24680000' to get that discount

For any questions and concern please leave a comment belwo

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