Thursday, November 13, 2014

(Review ★) Holika Holika Jewel Light Under Eye Maker

Hello everyone
Today's review is going to be on the product from Holika Holika, Jewel Light Under Eye Maker
This is one very similar to Etude House Dear Girls Cute Eye Maker
It is one of the eye make-up product which will help you create puffy eye look which is also known as "aegyo-sal" make-up


This product, it comes in two different color:
#1 Plumping White
#2 Tears Pink

#1 Plumping White has more soft creamy texture compare to the #2 Tears Pink
And the white shadow part has slight shimmer in it, so it creates clean subtle youthful look
This particular color will help those without eye bags, or want to make them more visible

#2 Tears Pink on the other hand, has more shimmer compare to the white 
So this gives more shinning effect, so if you like more "teary" appearance, I recommend you to use #2
This color works best for people who would like to create lovely eye shape


As you can see, this product is really easy to open the packaging by simply sliding the cardboard section out from the plastic cover

I like how this packaging does have descriptions on how to use this Under eye maker, but I do wish they had instruction in English for non Korean speakers T^T

This product is quite bigger than I expected
But because of its size, it is really easy to get nice grab on it ^^

Be sure to check out the expiration date
Mine expires in June of 2015

This is my first time buying a product from Holika Holika, and I have to say, I like their design on this product especially
With nice glittery lines on the cap as well as having nice silver lettering
I think it goes along really well with the name of this product

As you can see, Step 1 is the thinner eyeliner part, which is used to create shadow underneath your eye bag area
And Step 2 is for creating teary effect, which is more thicker side of the liner

You can open each sides by simply twisting it
After you use them, be sure to close it properly!

#1's shadow liner part has nice matte brown eyeliner
And since it has pointy end, it is really easy to create the thin line
Sometimes, whenever I am trying to make shadow effect underneath my eye bags, I tends to draw my lines thicker than it should be

This is matte white eyeshadow stick, which works really well with the brown color
If you are wanting more natural effect, this would be the type you would like to go for
cause it gives more natural finishing than Tears Pink

Tears Pink has matte rose color eyeliner to create shadow
Since it is more pink color than I expected, I was personally worried about
how it will appear on my skin
However, once you blend it in with your fingers it creates nice shadow effect
I recommend using this color if you are wearing Pink eyeshadows to match!

Unlike #1, this eyeshadow stick has gold shimmers in them
Even though color looks like it would be vivid
But in reality it gives just nice warm undertone and give more shimmery effect
That way your eyes doesn't look so odd
I really like the shimmer particles in this eyeshadow stick, cause it is so fine and doesn't irritate my eye area



I used #1 in my Alice in Wonderland Tutorial
If you want better look of this effect, watch my tutorial right HERE

In my Vampire Dolly look, I have used the #2 since I used more pink & red eyeshadow
It matched really well with my make-up, so go check it out at HERE

Well, that's all I have for you guys today
I hope you guys enjoyed my review of these two products
And hopefully give you guys some nice suggestion on how to create nice teary / youthful look

For any questions and concern, please leave a comment
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  1. Very interesting review! It's so funny that while there are makeup to get rid of the eye bags, there are also makeup to enhance it.

    I think the puffy eye look totally suits you well and makes you look extra cute. :D I love that this style of makeup always helps to look younger somehow. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Due to this, the fat within the socket becomes more pronounced so giving the impression of puffiness under the eyes.How to get rid of bags under eyes


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