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(Review ★) GEO Berry Holic Sapphire [SPONSORED by Uniqso]

Hello Beaut holics~!
I am hoping all of you guys are holding off well for this cold weather
and also for those readers in the US, I am sure you are getting ready for Thanksgiving next week!!
I wish you will all have amazing Thanksgiving next week!

Today, I have sponsored review for Uniqso
I got chance to try out GEO Berry Holic Sapphire for this review
I originally planned to use this lens for my cosplay as Eren Jaeger from Shigeki no Kyojin!!
So hopefully, I will be able to do tutorial of him on my YouTube channel really soon!

Now, let's go!

As always, my products from Uniqso delivered safely wrapped inside the bubble wrapped packages~
And they always come with this nice box which contains the lens itself, and the contact lens container

I always talk about how I write the date I open the circle lens on the cap,
that way I will know when it is going to expired~
I like how they came up with the idea to use this particular case~!
Now I don't need to use label maker to label the dates at the bottom of the  lens case and have struggle to keep it away from the moisture!!

All authentic GEO lens will have their own dedicated sticker on it,
so when you are purchasing the lens over the net, be sure to check this seal!
Cause I have heard rumors about how some sites sell fake GEO lens which may cause eye problem!

You can get this in different eye power, so if your eye sight is quite bad, do not worry!! 
There will be one that will allow your eyes to look beautiful and enable you to see!

(*Be sure to check for any tear or flaws before opening)

Diameter: 14.2 mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Usage: 1 Year
Price: 19.90 USD

Compared to the other circle lens that I have owned and used, Berry Holic series is more focused on giving natural coloring to your eyes, rather than making your eyes appear bigger

I chose this lens for that purpose to create more of natural look
When I first take a look at the lens itself, I knew I was going to wear this one constantly
cause I absolutely loved the color of itself
Berry series particularly has very vibrant and yet natural looking effect, so if you are one of those people who want more natural looking color lens, this is the series I would recommend!

This lens comes in EIGHT different colors!
It comes in Violet, Blue, Green, Brown, Grey, Turquoise, Sapphire, and Hazel

Wow so many to choose from, right??
I think it is great how this series comes in many different colors,
cause it gives you more different looks you can try out with different colors~



Comfort: ★ / 
Hula Effect:  ★ / 
Doughnut Effect:  ★ / 
Color: ★ / 
Design: ★ / 
Enlargement: ★ / 

Comfort, Personally I knew this lens was going to be little bit uncomfortable for me to wear it for a long time, cause its water content is fairly lower than the other ones that I have tried out
So I had to give 4 OUT OF 5 in this category
But it may varies in people, so be sure to keep that in mind!
Also my eyes deals with some dryness usually

Hula Effect, Despite the fact this lens has some dryness to my eyes, it wasn't at the point where the lens itself won't follow my eye movements
It actually stick to my eye movements really well, and din't caused any blurriness in vision!

Doughnut Effect, I had to give 4 OUT OF 5 in this category as well unfortunately
That is because since, this lens is quite opaque in color, when you move your eyes around you can see the gap between the whites of your eyes and the lens itself
I mean it can create nice gradient look, but you can definitely see that there is some gap in between!

Color, I absolutely love the color of this lens!
This is my first time trying out Sapphire color, which is not my usual lens color choice
And let me tell you, even if you were to have darker eye color, this lens actually shows its color really well!
So I don't think you will feel any disappointment in that category at all!
If you are wanting the vibrant color, you must try this series out!

Design, I would say the design of this lens was really suitable and preferable for my liking
It has nice spiky, almost star like shapes printed on, which is really great to more natural looking appearance when it comes to lens design
It has yellow coloring inside, which is  not over powering your eyes and blends in with the sapphire color really well

Enlargement, As I have mentioned above, this lens' main purpose is more likely to give colors to your eyes rather than make them appear bigger
The rim itself is really thin and hardly noticeable so it doesn't give that huge enlargement in eye size, which circle lens is mostly known for
But I like the way how it looks really natural and yet make my eyes pop, so I am satisfied with its size

Overall, I really liked the lens color and the style of it
Cause it looks good with almost any color of make-up I want to use~!
Only thing I could wish for is that GEO to come up with some idea to make it little more moisturizing that way I don't have to put eye drops constantly

I hope you guys liked this review
If you have any questions and concerns just leave a comment below

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  1. Nice circle lenses colour, look a little darker on your eyes but I like it


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