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(Review ★) Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam : November

As the weather gets colder since winter is just around the corner,
I have to deal with many roughness and dryness in my skin
It does get quite annoying cause my skin is generally dry in the first place, and this cold weather making my skin much drier just make my skin worse!
 I am sure many girls are dealing with this frustration and looking for the solution

Now if you guys have read from above, Etude House decided to make this month's main ingredient will be Walnut, which is mostly known for improving your brain health
But did you know that they are great ingredient to give the moisturizing effect to your skin?

Walnut is rich in Vitamin-B which is great supplement to treat your skin

Vitamin B is an excellent stress releaser
And you know stress can be the factor of many things when it comes to Skin health and other health factors!

With the help of Vitamin-E and Vitamin-B, Walnut helps prevent skin aging cause it helps releasing stress as well as it has a natural antioxidant in itself

Not only that it allows your skin to stay moisturized by helping the skin cell growth, it almost gives shinny effect on your skin
Because of that it allows the dark circles around your eyes to reduce and reduce puffiness as well

This month's foam is focused on smooth cleansing to relief the dryness in your skin due to the cold weather
And they have small description in the back on the bottom what is contained in this foam

Just like few previous ones which came out during dry season, it is made into moist gel to give as much relief and moisture to your skin when it gets on to your skin


If you guys have read my previous reviews, moist gel doesn't require too much water to get the foam activated
And it actually melts your foundation or make-up really well without you having to use so much make-up cleanser
So when you are using this just simply wet your face with some lukewarm water and then use gentle circular motion to clean

I wiped off the foam with a cotton pad to show you how well it got the foundation off my skin without me having to use any other face cleansing tool

It doesn't get as foamy as other cleansing foam that I have used, but it does make my skin to feel very moisturized and have that refreshing feeling after cleaning compare to the other ones that I have
 Also with cooling sensation it seems like it reduces any redness on my skin which caused from the heats
Also it has really nice scent, which was kind of similar to the Rice one from September which is also good in moisturizing your skin!

As you can see my face after I cleaned my face with the foam, redness reduced a bit
I mean it hasn't made my skin too quite compare to the ones I have used in the past, but it works good with what it was supposed to do, so I am pretty satisfied

As you can see my little device which shows the condition of my skin
Before I washed my face, you can see I had just little bit of oil, but no moisture or softness to my skin
I mean figures, cause of the dry weather my skin will be extra oily!

However, after washing my face with the walnut foam, my skin had huge improvement!
As you can skin my skin got lot more softer and gained so much moisture
And since walnut oil is good for your skin to make your skin more smooth, I did gain just a tinsy bit of oil in my skin

Compare to the other foams which I have used during summer time, winter season foam seems like its more focused on moisturizing than cleansing
However, it is not like it doesn't make your skin clean, this is solely based on how much foam was created by the moist gel compare to the other gel type that was used

But it is highly moisturizing  and keeps my skin silky smooth, so I didn't had to put extra skin care to keep it moisturizing all day long~

If you are person who is searching for highly moisturizing for your dry skin, you should give this item a try and see the result for yourself as well

If there is any questions and concern, please leave a comment below
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