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(Review ★) Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam : October

Hello all my beautyholics!
Did you all had amazing Halloween?
I am sorry I am few days behind on review for the October foam!!
But here is my review of this product for October!

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October is the time when it starts to get much colder, which tends to cause dry skin
And because of the skin drying out so quickly, you need some extra boost and protection to keep your skin healthy
And because of that, Etude House decided to pick just the right ingredients for this month's cleansing foam!

For this month's main ingredient, they have Spinach and Broccoli, the green vegetables
Now if you guys didn't know green vegetables are known ingredient to help brightening your skin with many vitamins in them

Out of many green vegetables, Spinach and Broccoli is picked as TOP 10 food to help your skin health

Spinach contains lots of Vitamin A, C and E which is really important when it comes to skincare
And with those components, it helps your skin to have that nice glowing effect
Spinach is very effective when it comes to curing acne, since it helps remove dirt and excessive oil  under your skin as well as getting rid of inflammation from your skin
Also it protects your skin from the sun, because spinach is also rich in Vitamin B, which protects your skin from UV lights

Also with Vitamin K's help, your complexion will improve if you eat spinach and help reduce any bruising on the skin and dark circles
So if you have issues with dark circles, eat lots of Spinach~

Now for Broccoli, I know broccoli can help reduce getting rid of dark circles cause it is rich in Vitamin C, but not only that cause of Vitamin C, it helps stimulates collagen production to keep your skin much youthful
So if you want help glowing skin, remember to eat your vegetables!

This cleansing foam is focused on Refreshing cleansing to help reduce the dryness on your skin

This foam is Moist gel, which is full in moisture so when you are using this
you don't have to apply too much water to get foam activated


Now when I used this foam, as I have mentioned above, cause it is so full of moisture
it wasn't necessary for me to apply water on to erase the foundation on my skin
I simply applied the foam itself and just cleansed the foundation using circular motion, 
and when I wiped it off, as you can see from the picture it wiped away without any trouble

If you guys have been reading my reviews of these Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foams,
I have such huge trouble with dry skin
My skin is tends to be really drying out alot, maybe cause of the city I am living in
And I always need that extra help to regain the moisture on my skin

As you can see from my before picture, my skin is little bit irritated from the dry weather
But after I wash my face with the foam, it cleared out my complexion instantly
and gave that nice soft finishing at the end
I was really satisfied how this foam worked on my skin for the particular October weather

I also measure how much oil and moisture I have on my skin by using this device

As you can see from the before picture, my skin was super dry and had excessive oil more than the usual
But after cleaning my face, my skin gained some of its moisture back!

I hope you guys liked this review
I will be back with the review for the November at the end of this month

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