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(Tutorial ♥) How to bleach your dark hair into blonde hair

Hello my beautyholics!
Today I was requested by dear friend of mine to write about how I make my dark hair into Blonde hair ^^
Now I have mentioned it to you guys quite some time, but if you  have known me since my old YouTube time, I was known for doing my own hairstyling and coloring
I tends to change my hair shades to different color all the time
And even once, I have tried gradation hair coloring like the picture shown above

Now I get asked alot of people asking, "how do you make your dark Asian hair into blonde hair?'
I know it can be very difficult to coloring Asian hair because of different texture and color compare to American people
So guess what, here is my tip on how to bleach your hair without damaging your hair way too much!

Every dark haired girls always admire of making their hair platinum blondes, at least once in their life time
And it is always hard to get the right color at the first time, cause using American brand hair dye makes your hair coloring extra difficult, cause the hair texture is completely different

I am not going to lie, I personally encountered challenge in bleaching my hair just right
It took me many tried to get it just right, without frying my hair too much!

But just to let you know, this is always hard to do
In order to get your hair light as possible, you should not expect to do it at one time!
Getting your hair light takes patients
Now I myself is very impatient
So when it comes to waiting game, I have such a hard time 

One of the mistake I would make cause of that is, I tried to bleach 3 to 4 times in one day
That will definitely ruin your hair so even though it may be difficult, please be patient and do your bleaching process in different days
Usually, I would say do it twice a week if it is necessary
But depending on what kind of bleach powder does make little difference in bleaching process

Personally, I love using L'oreal Quick Blue
They are the far best bleach powder that I have used, and I have been using this for almost 6 years now
Now you can find this at Walmart or any other drug store
However, I recommend you to buy it at the beauty store such as Sally's Beauty Store or other hair salon item store, cause than you can buy the volumer for the powder with it 
And also the price tends to be much cheaper
You can get 1 pound tub for about $20 or so
And you can use that one tub for a very long time, so if you have long hair or need to bleach you hair quite a lot, than I recommend this big tub for you!

Now depending on the bleach powder you need different volumer to go with it
But I always use this Salon Care 30 Volume Creme, because when I used 40 Volume one before it definitely destroyed my hair
Some of the product recommend you to use 40 Volume, but it can be rather too strong for your hair to handle, so please go with the 30 Volume

Once you have the ingredients you need, what you are gonna need to do is get a mixing bowl, with brush to apply bleach evenly into your hair

When you mix the powder and the volumer, you need to mix it with 1;2 ratio
So one scoop of powder mixed with 2 scoop of volumer
which will make your mixture into like pancake batter
Be sure that it is not too watery or too pasty

After that, you need to be sure to section your hair before hand

Take them into 4 sections like this
And just like how it is numbered, I usually start from the bottom to top
So after you section them into 4 section like the picture
use brush the apply your bleach mixture on to your hair, and go up one by one

After you are doing with applying hair bleach, this is the extra step I do to make bleach to work better,
is putting on plastic cap over my head, and put towel over it to make my hair warm
Cause warmer temperature will help your bleach to work better

Now, do not leave the bleach on no more than 25 to 30 minutes top!
Many people think that if you have bleach for longer time, your hair will get lighter
To be honest that is wrong
Cause they have "recommended time" for reason!
If you leave it longer than recommended time, your hair will FRY!
So please, do not leave the bleach on your hair longer than that!
This is why I am using the towel trick

After time is up, wash your hair off twice with shampoo to get rid of any excess bleach product in your hair, and then apply conditioner to restore the moisture back into your hair
To condition my hair, I found this particular conditioner work really well with bleached hair
After using this conditioner after bleach process, ends of my hair doesn't get split ends, which usually happened when I bleach my hair

Now usually when I go black / Brown to Blonde first stage is getting orange hair
Now after you get this orange hair stage, try to leave it like that color for about a week,  before you do another bleaching
You need to give sometime to your hair to get its natural oil and moisture back, before you try bleaching again, cause it basically take out all of oil off from your hair
Therefore, that is why it gets fried!

While you are waiting for a week, be sure to apply some purple shampoo to even out the color so it doesn't appear to be too patchy, in case you missed some spots

When you are getting rid of the reddish tone in your hair, you need to use some purple shampoo to even out the tone
I wasn't aware of this until the clerk at the Sally's recommended this to me
While you are getting your hair ready for another bleach session, try to even out your tone

And after one week is up, follow the same steps as above
Usually I needed to repeat this steps maybe 2 more times to get the color that I desired
It got my hair really blonde at this moment

I hope this was somewhat helpful for you guys!
And good luck with bleach your hair as the color you want ^^

For any questions and concern, please leave a comment below!


  1. Hi,
    Thanks sooo much the article was really helpful I was thinking of dip dying the ends of my hair silver but I have black hair does that mean the ends of my hair will go orange then to a blonde color? Would I then have to use silver shampoo to change the blonde into a silver color?

    1. Usually when you get to a color light enough, usually a purple based color will do the trick as it both tones and makes the color much more ashy to the point where it is grey.


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