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(Review ★) Etude House Sunrise Natural Corrector Sunscreen

Hello all my beautyholics!
Today, I thought this was really important review for base make-up
Let's get with my review for couple of sunscreen from Etude House

I don't know if many people are aware of this, but when it comes to base make-up
using sunscreen is very important
I am not going to lie, that I like to skip applying sunscreen cause I can be very lazy
But applying sunscreen before you put any foundation on is important step to take in order to protect your skin from sunlight!

I know foundation, BB cream, CC cream and other base make-up in general contains some what sunscreen effect in it
However, we have to keep in mind that these base make-up does not contain much of SPF, which means it cannot protect our skin for a very long time
That is why we need to apply some sunscreen before applying any base make-up to create more protection!

I know many sunscreen in the market are way too heavy and oily to apply it before applying make-up on your skin
Which may cause your make-up to not apply well

That is why I would like to introduce you guys sunscreen from Etude House!
They made Sunprise sunscreen line in order to be applied before applying foundation on your face
This is different from other sunscreen I have tried out and I personally loved it
So now, lets take a look at it!

Since there's no individual box for this product, they come tightly sealed with the plastic wrapper
It is easy to peel off

Sunprise Natural Corrector is specifically made to be used as a make-up base
So if you are looking for some nice sunscreen to wear with your daily make-up, this is your one of best choice!
This product with wrinkle care and whitening effect, which will help your skin to appear more smooth and bright

This is regular tube type container, but since the actual tube part is hard plastic, I don't think you need to worry too much about being unable to control the amount you get out from the container

Now I really was surprised about the color of this sunscreen
Normal sunscreen that I have seen usually is usually white color, cause of the titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which creates "white cast" to block out the UV lights
That's why your face becomes super white when you apply them
But this particular product, had skin tone color to it rather than being pure white,
which minimize the "White cast" effect

Therefore, when you put it under the foundation, it is going to blend in with the foundation much better than other sunscreen that has more white cast effect in it
But just to remind you, white cast effect gets much stronger when the SPF level is much higher!

Now let's take a look at how this looks on the skin!


I am really impressed with this product when I used it
Personally, I am not a big fan of applying sunscreen cause they tends to be really oily and sticky
Which cause make-up to not stick to your skin as well
But this particular one, it did not made my skin too oily
It stay quite matte compare to other sunscreen that I have used, but if you have much more oily skin I think it may be much more oily than how it affected my skin (My skin is very dry)

Not only that, this also worked as nice base make-up, cause it covered most of my blemishes with just the sunscreen itself
I have quite some red blemishes on my face, due to the sunlight and dry weather in Pullman
As you can see, my skin with sunscreen on appears much more brighter and more smooth compare to the side I haven't applied sunscreen

Overall, I was really impressed by this product, cause not only it protects my skin from sunlight
but it also worked as concealer in a way, cause it covered my blemishes before I even applied BB cream over my face

This helped my skin to appear flawless as how it is shown in the picture above

I highly recommend to those people who are looking for great sunscreen to apply with your make-up
to give that extra protection
This moisturize your skin really good, so if you are having trouble with dry skin, this is definitely the product for you!

For any questions and concern please leave a comment!
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