Thursday, October 23, 2014

(Review ★) Espoir Nude Liquid Powder

Hello Beautyholics~
Today I have review from Espoir which is new brand for myself to try out
Now-a-days there are many new make-up brand that is gaining its popularity in Korea
Many of you probably know Etude House, Tonymoly, Holika Holika, and other brand out there
But not aware of brand such as Espoir
So I thought I would try out and share my experience with them

Product that I am trying out Espoir Nude Liquid Powder
This product particular got my attention mainly because this is a powder that is formed into liquid
Usually powders are literally 'powder'
So it was interesting to see powder to come out as a liquid form
Product itself is liquid form but once it gets spread on the skin, it becomes powder which creates airy finish, rather than being dewy finish
Also since it is liquid powder, even just one drop of this powder creates great coverage

This product can be found at for $26.80 USD which may seems like a lot, but Espoir is one of the high end make up brand, which has really nice foundation and other make-up

Liquid Poweder comes in three different color which is Porcelain, Ivory and Sand color
For myself I have chosen Porcelain since I have fairly white skin

This particular product when it first came out was sold with the Espoir Super Definition Face Brush
which helps creating great even coverage
But sadly, now the brush and the powder is sold separately
The brush itself is sold for $23.00 USD
This brush is really nice for not just Liquid Powder, but also to apply other foundation
So this could be good investment, if you are wanting a make-up tool that will create good nice coverage


This product comes in plastic box with simple design with Espoir written all over it
I liked how this product comes in explanation in both Korean and English for international customers 

This product comes in very simple glass bottle with spoid on the top
Even though this looks like sold color bottle, you can actually see the powder inside the bottle once you let it settle on the table

At the bottom of the bottle, it shows the production date of the product
Mine was made in March 26, 2014

Now once you open the bottle, you can see this comes in Spoid cap
This gives nice control on how much of the product you want to use on the face
Only down side is that sometimes powder may drip, so be sure to wipe it on the side so you can get it without dripping on your clothes

Now let's take a look at the brush

Same as the powder, this product comes in English description which will be helpful to non-Korean speakers

This brush comes in very fine brush hair, which doesn't irritate your skin when you brush it up against your skin
Also with so many hairs like this, it gives much finer application across your skin, without leaving too much mark on your skin, which other foundation brush can cause
And the handle itself is very flexible, so it is easier to grab in the hand

Now let's how Liquid Powder applies on the skin~!


I dropped one drop of the powder and see how it applies on my skin

And I am going to use the brush to blend the powder on my skin
I really liked how it felt on my skin, cause it didn't feel scratchy, which other brush could do
It feels really soft

As you can see from the picture, with using the brush Liquid Powder was able to get into every fine lines on back of my hand
There isn't any stroke marks or clumps happening on my skin
And as you can see it is really bright for my skin

Overall I really liked this product
Next time I may choose little bit darker shade so it would match my skin tone better

Personally, I don't like using powder or foundation,
so I was little bit hesitant to try this out
But after I tried it out, it changed my mind since it feels really light on my skin
If you don't like the heavy finishing of the foundation and want something that feels light on the skin as well as giving nice coverage without having to use the concealer, I highly recommend this product to you

I hope you guys like the review of this product!
For any questions and concern, please leave a comment below


  1. I just found your blog and it's so cute! New reader! ^_^


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