Friday, October 31, 2014

(Review ★) Alice in Wonderland costume from Spree Picky

Happy Halloween beautyholics!
I hope you guys stayed warm and having fun and exciting Halloween!

Since I was asked to do review of the costume that was featured on my
Alice in Wonderland make-up tutorial video
I will try to do my best to describe the costume as best I could!

Since at work I got to be Alice for our costume ideas, I was in search of cute Alice costume and came across Spree Picky!

Spree Picky has variety of cute Asian style clothing and accessories being sold!
They also provides free shipping to their customers, which usually take couple weeks to get here
But to be honest, most parcels from Asian countries take about that long, so it is fairly fast!

If you have not checked out their site just yet, follow the link HERE and take a look

Now, let's take a look at the product itself!

This costume comes in two different size which is M and L
You can buy this for $35.99 USD
Also before you purchase the dress, be sure to measure your body to make sure it will fit you!

This particular costume is made out of Polyester material, which is commonly used to make school uniform in Asian conturies

Most of costumes that I have seen of Alice was either made out of satin or cotton,
which can be very un-breathable when you are wearing it
Personally when it comes to costumes I like to choose polyester materials
cause even if it was light weight (thin fabric), it can still keep you warm
without having to additional clothes

Now the apron is more of cotton fabric, which works fine since it is just apron

For the length wise it comes slightly above my knee, which is not too long or too short!

Now let's take closer look at the costume
This costume has round looking collar, which is very common in cute Lolita styles
With this type of style collar, it makes your neckline to appear much more slim and long

I really liked the fluff on the apron, cause it balanced really well with the round sleeve of the dress
Also it re-create that lovely Alice apron, which many girls would like to own!!

What impressed me the most about this product was the skirt lace
Now usually when you are wearing dress like Lolita or Maid style, to give that cute appearance
along the end of the skirt they tends to wear additional petticoat

But this particular dress had lace sew in to the ends of the skirt, which gives illusion of wearing petticoat underneath the dress itself
And it is nice flower print on the lace~

Back of the apron cross over each other which allows your apron to stay on your shoulder really well
Look at that lovely fluff~!!! >A<

Now if you look at how the dress is sewn around the waist area,
they sew it in the way which will make your  waist to appear slim and yet allow the skirt to flare out
as if you are wearing the puffy petticoat underneath
If you are looking for a dress that will make your waist to appear tiny, be sure to heck how its sewn in the back!

Now this is how it looks when I wear the dress
Also with the dress there is this cute black ribbon hair band comes with, which complete your Alice look!!

Personally I wanted to make my skirt to flare out more,
so I created my own petticoat to wear it underneath
But as I have mentioned before, because of the way it is sewn allows the skirt to appear look fluffy

I was really satisfied how the costume's fabric felt cause it was very soft material!
And it allows you to be stay warm without having to wear additional jacket or coat over it~

I heard so much  compliment of this Halloween look through out the day!
So, if you are a big Alice in Wonderland fan like me, go ahead and create your own Alice look with this lovely dress~



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