Thursday, October 2, 2014

(Review ★) 3 Concept Eyes Shimmer Stick

Hello everyone!
It's been awhile since I have done some cosmetic review for you guys!
I have taken picture of this product, but completely forgot about doing a review for it!

This is shimmery stick from 3 Concept Eyes which is also known as 3CE!

This is my first 3CE Product so I am excited to talk about it
Alright let's go!

I liked the simple design of the 3CE product
It is their signature design to keep their container in black color, which makes it look very sleek

This product comes in two different color which is Peach and Pink
I chose Peach color, because I find peach color suits my face more when it comes to highlighting

When you are getting this product, be sure that this sticker is on to ensure that product is indeed new!

I think this has really nice size to carry around your pouch, since I can hold this in my hands without any problem

Once you open the cap, you can see the product itself
Once you look at it, it just appears to be matte appearance rather than shimmery
But once you get it melted on warmer temperature, the shimmery particles comes out
It is very fine particles, which give nice glowing effect to your skin


It may be hard to tell, but if you look closely when I applied 3CE Shimmery Stick, 
my skin is able to get more light on it which gives more dimension to it
After looking at how this is like, I highly recommend to use this as your highlighter
if you are wanting to create more dimension for your face
Apply this on your eye area especially will make your eyes to stand out

For demonstration, I used this over my eyelids to give teary effect to my eyes
With light reflecting on the particles, it gives nice shimmery effect
I was surprised how well it glided on my skin as well as keep my skin very moisturized!!
Other highlighters I have used in the past were usually baked shadow type

Now baked powder those have better application on the face,
however they sometimes can get very dry on my skin, which can be troublesome when you are wearing it for long time

But this particular stick can stay moisturized for a long time,
so if you are one of those people who have trouble with dried skin I highly recommend this product!

If you are having trouble with oily skin, I recommend you baked type highlighters

I hope you guys enjoyed this review!

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  1. Hi! Great review! I am now adopting the Korean trend such as dewy look. Is 3ce available in the Philippines?

    1. 3CE is very popular in many numerous conturies. I do believe you should be able to find their product in Philliphines as well ^^


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