Tuesday, September 30, 2014

(Review ★) Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam : September

This is another time for my review for Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam!
This month's main ingredient is Rice which will help protecting your skin from windy September weather!

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After long summer and the when fall is coming around the corner,
it is for sure that the weather gets lot more windy and cause more dryness to your skin
It gets really uncomfortable, cause declining temperature cause dry skin for me, but not only that heavy wind blowing on my face will my skin to completely dry out!
I am not going to lie, this makes my skin looks really horrible!

If you have not known this already,
Rice has been used as one of the main beauty ingredients in Asian countries.
Girls sometimes use rice water, rice bran oil, or powder to keep their skin smooth and wrinkle free
Rice has lots of moisture inside it, and not only that it has great antioxidant!

This antioxidant inside the rice helps production of collagen of the skin, which allows your skin to stay youthful and free from wrinkles and protecting it from any sun damage

Also it contains lots exfoliating your skin with rice bran powder helps you to reduce any large pores and gives nice glow to your skin

 Water you get after boiling rice also become great toner for your skin
When I was in Korea, I had lots of girls talking about how washing their face with rice water brighten their complexion and make your skin whiter

For this particular month, it is Moist Gel type,
which has lots of moisture in it, so it is little bit watery compare to other foam types
This has really nice scent to it, which is really soothing


As always, I am testing out the foams by applying thick layer of BB cream over my hand
Even though this I did not applied water on the foam, since it was so moisturized it created enough cleansing effect, so when I wiped the foam off, you can see how the BB cream came off easily

Personally that got good points from me, cause I don't need to have my water running when I am using this foam~


Recently, with lack of sleep and windy weather in Pullman,
my skin has been really rough as well has have lots of redness to it
I barely have any time to get enough rest or time to put moisturizer on my skin to help me with this weather
But after using this foam, my skin feels lot smoother than when I don't use them
It almost feels like as if I have applied shea butter on my face or something
And it brighten up my skin little by little, which makes my skin more pale

Before cleaning my face, my skin was quite a bit dry as I have mentioned,
not only that it was lack of moisture in my skin
And had some excess oil to it

After washing my face, my skin regained some of the moisture it was needing as well as got rid of bad oils from my skin

With dropping temperature and windy weather, you need to protect your skin from drying out!
If you are having trouble with  getting enough moisture for your skin,
using rice ingredient skin care will be your little helper!

You can find this item from W2Beauty

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