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(Review ★) Etude House Wonder Pore Sets

Hello, everyone
Today I have review of Etude House Wonder Pore Set : Whipping Foaming, Freshner, ad the Brush
Now, since I have been having troubles with bit of oily skin due to the summer weather,
I have been looking for some good cleanser which will prevent my skin from getting itchy and oily
And I heard some marvelous rumors about Wonder Pore from Etude House, so I purchased this to try it out

There are other products from this series, which I am hoping to review in the future

Now if before I get to the review, let's see how many of this applies to you

1. Your skin get itchy for no reason
2. You're having skin troubles out of no where
3. Increase of sebum secretion
4. Your pore is getting bigger

If any of this applies to you, this is the product for you!


Wonder Pore Whipping Foaming : $19.87 USD  (W2Beauty)

First, let's go with the Wonder Pore Whipping Foaming, a deep cleansing foam

There are two ways to us
facial mask

If you'd like to use this product for Daily Use, you can simply do this by applying the foam all over your face with your hands, and then wash it off with lukewarm water

If you'd like to use this as Special Facial Mask, you will apply the foam all over your face, and then use the Wonder Pore Brush to massage it all over your face, then wash it off

Now Wonder Pore Whipping Foaming contains Carbonated ingredient inside it, which help the skin to get more oxygen in it, which will help to clear your skin instantly

Also this product use natural ingredients, such as extract from ginkgo leaf, cypress oil, and extract from arnica flower, which are known beauty ingredients for deep cleansing for the pore

I really liked the design of this in the general, because it has nice sky blue color, which seems refreshing
But I liked it more, because it has benefits of this product in English
And also this comes in metal container, which remind me of "Whip Cream"

In the back they have to instructions in the back in Korea
However, I will explain on how to use this in English later on, so don't worry about it

At the bottom of the can, you will find the date when the product was made
Mine was made in 10/31/2013

Cap is really easy to open, and once you open it, you will find the pumping type nozzle
This makes it easy to use and to clean

Wonder Pore Brush : $7.32 USD (W2Beauty)

Wonder Pore Brush is specially designed to remove skin dusts inside of your pores and give deep cleansing, which is better than using bare hands

If you look at the bottom of the brush, you will see that there is holes underneath
This is to help oxygen to get into the container after you use them, so it will help drying the brush

The brush itself is designed to give nice grab when you use them, but I do wish the handle was much better, cause sometimes I almost couldn't hold them tight enough

Instead of having brush hair all over it, it only has them on certain parts
Some of you may wonder if this will give the deep cleansing you need,
but do not worry, because the brush hair itself is kind of coarse, and because this is specially designed for the Whipping Foaming, it works great when it comes to holding the cleansing foam on the top

Wonder Pore Freshner : $16.60 USD (W2Beauty)

Wonder Pore Freshner is what you apply after you have cleansed your face
There is also small mist being sold on the market, but to be honest it's better to buy the 500ml ones and put it in a little spray bottle to use it as a mist, before you wear make -up or after you put on make-up

This product contains same ingredients as the Whipping Foaming, but amazing thing about Freshner is that, once you use it, you will feel that your skin is getting tighter which helps your pores to get smaller

You can apply this product as many time as you need, if you want your skin to be more tighter

Also I recommend you to apply the Freshner in this order

Facial Cleansing -> Freshner -> Skin Care Routine -> Freshner before going to bed

This will help you to protect your pores and tighten your skin

Be sure to check the date it was produced by looking at the bottom of the container
Mine was made in 08/16/2013

Now I really liked this containers, cause of the way nozzle looks
As you can see, this is designed the way where you place cotton pad on the top of it, and press it down to get the product out
This will help you control how much of the product will be used and what not
This will help you to have this product for long and prevent it from spilling

If you want to use this as a mist by pouring in a small spray bottle, you can simply twist the cap to open it

Now that we take a look at each product, let's get to "How to Use it"


Before you get the foam out, be sure to shake it up and down to get the foam mixed up

After that, wet your brush with water, then place the Whipping Foaming can right side up and press the pump to get generous amount of product on

** Be sure to have the can straight, or else foam won't be fluffy as much

After that, use circular motion to apply it all over your face

** Some recommends to put the foam on your hand and then put it on the brush

After you finished apply the foam, wash the brush under running water and then put it upside down to dry

And then wash your face with lukewarm water

After drying your face, take cotton pad and press down 2-3 times to get the cotton pad wet with Freshner

After that, gently pat your face with the cotton pad


Can you see how the Freshner got the excess dirt off from my skin after cleansing it?
My skin feels much brighter and cleaner after I use this product

This is right after I washed my face off with Whipping Foaming
As you can see, after I use the product, my skin got more brighter
and red blemishes has disappeared
Not only that smaller blackheads around my nose area got cleaned

Over all I really like this product, because it stopped my skin from itching so much
I have sun allergy, so I was having serious problem with it

But with the help of Wonder Pore Sets, I don't have to worry about it!!

If you have skin troubles and oily skin, I highly recommend this product for you

For any questions and concerns, please leave me a comment





  1. Replies
    1. Not a problem ^^ I want my reviews to be as helpful to other people as well ^^

  2. Etude House packaging is so adorable :)
    When I enter the shop, it gives the cutey girly vibes hehe but I ADORE the brand heaps hehe.

    Keep reviewing Korean products :) I am a huge fan of Korean skincare/makeup. I just bought Belief & Nature republic skincare recently & I am LOVIN' it hehe

    1. I LOVE THEIR PACKAGES TOO! I absolutely love Etude House just for packaging besides how great their products are! I started to do reviews of Korean Cosmetics to give better explanation and overview of the product for non-Korean speakers ^^

  3. I think the packaging is wonderful as it makes it really easy and mess-free! Don't really see my pores getting smaller, but it definitely does reduce the oils on my skin.

    For my full review, head to:


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