Thursday, July 31, 2014

(Review ★) Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam : July

Hey hey hey!
Its that time of month again~
I am here with review for July, Every Month Cleansing foam from Etude House

Every Month Cleansing Foams : July, Aloe Vera $10.70 USD (W2Beauty)

During July, sunlight become more intense and temperature rises the most!
And intense sunlight means more UV ray!!
This is usually the month when people get many sunburns from standing out in the sun for too long!
And we all know what is the great ingredient to sooth your skin after being burnt from the sun

Aloe Vera always has been known ingredient for reducing heat on the skin
So if you ever get a burn from cooking, put little bit of Aloe Vera gel over it, and it will cool down!

With intense sunlight, you may notice that you are getting more acne and pimple on your skin
beside the obvious dryness and sun burnt on the skin

Don't let this bring you down!!
Because Etude House is here to save you~!

For July Cleansing Foam, they are mainly focused on sensitive and troubled skin
Which made them to create Moist Gel type cleansing foam for soothing cleansing

This is nice cool gel type of cleansing foam, which give soothing feeling as soon as it touches your skin!


I was really satisfied with its cleaning ability
To be honest, I thought this product won't have as good cleansing ability as the previous two that I have reviewed, because purpose of this foam was to sooth your skin
However, it cleaned the make-up off really well and not only that, it left cool feeling behind ^A^

You know people think I have good skin
But under the strong sunlight, my skin could not bear its hotness!!
Also I am highly allergic to UV Ray, so that will mess up my skin so much

As you can see, my skin has red spots over them due to the sunlight
But right after I cleaned my face with the cleansing foam my skin instantly cooled down
And the difference in color is soooo obvious!
When I had so much trouble with sun allergic reaction, this product literally saved my skin!

Before cleaning my skin with cleansing foam, my skin was very oily
And there was barely any moist or softness to my skin!!

After washing my face, my skin gained little more moist, with the help of moistful aloe vera~
And also my skin became softer~

I always used Aloe Vera on my burnt skin since I am very sensitive to the UV Ray
You guys may have seen in some pictures how I have red spots or bumpy skins
That is because of the sun exposure
So whenever it happens I had to pour Aloe Vera gel all over my skin just to sooth it down

If you have same trouble as me and is allergic to UV ray,
I highly recommend this particular foam for sure!!

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