Saturday, July 5, 2014

[NEWS] UNIQSO is having Buy 3 Get 1 Free Promotion!

UNIQSO is back with another amazing promotions!
First promotion is, if you were to purchase 3 pairs of circle lens (exlcuding I-Contact brand, SeeSheel brand and lenses under Special Offers / Sales), you will receive a FREE pair of Geo Lenses!
Get your free pair GEO lens along with your purchase!

Also if you're tired of waiting a long time to receive your package, UNIQSO is having special promotion on where you can get Express International Shipping at cheaper rates!
You are eligible for this promotion if you purchase at least two pairs of circle lens, and price ranges as low as $5 to $20, depending on the location!

I hope you guys will purchase some amazing products from UNIQSO with their amazing July Promotion!

Also don't forget to enter "khyunwal" to get 10% discount on your purchase ^^

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