Wednesday, July 23, 2014

(My Thoughts) Criticsm, how should I react to it?

Now that I am starting to come back to the internet world, I have came across many more things than what I used to seeing like 4~5 years ago

Back in the day when MySpace was big (I know, I know... I sound old 0A0!!)
If people heard my nickname, everyone would know me
I had quite some cool friends who are famous on the internet,
I was even somehow was quite known in Korean web medias

You know... on the internet, sometimes you just get recognized by many people, even though that wasn't your intention
You just do what you love to do: talking to people, sharing your art works, videos, and etc
When you get enough recognition, it is hard to avoid the criticism from some people
And I would like to share, what I think about those criticism and how I deal with it

For myself, when I started to get web-famous, it wasn't really my intention
I haven't really thought that I wanted to become a singer or become famous by posting all these videos on YouTube
All I wanted was just share what I love to do with friends and family overseas
I believe that's the reason how majority of my blogger friends got started what they are doing

Back then, I didn't care much about my appearance, so basically I was one of these "Tomboys"

I think Asian Tomboys were so popular during 2007 or so, since there were many Japanese or Korean dramas that featured girls dressed up as a boy
(It was one of those trends)
And I think that is how I go popular over the internet to be honest

From my YouTube videos, many people asked if I was a boy or a girl
And actually there were some criticism from people talking about how they think I am gay cause of my appearance
Or making comments such as I am talent-less in many different languages
Not only that there would be many fakers, as well as rumors about me over the internet
which can be hurtful

For those people who have this thing happened to you,
don't feel like you are in this alone, because many people go through it
Actually, we as people go through it in our daily lives!

We are constantly going to have people to criticize every little thing you do,
even when you're just trying to express your feelings, thoughts to people who are close to you
Whether it is over the internet, or in person you have your rights to express your own feelings
Sure, people may say things like "you are making a big deal out of nothing"
or say something more rude about what ever you may be doing
But guess what, people who says that will think that way, because they do not know what it is like to be in the situation you are in

It's not like you intentionally put yourself into that situation
Let's be honest here, now who wants to be in a bad situation, right?
Nobody does!
And those people who make those criticism, just wait and see, cause they are going to react same way as you did!

When I first heard criticism or hurtful comments, I was very hurt by it
It made me think "should I quit doing what I am doing?" or "Should I just disappear?"
But as I went on with my channel and my social media at the time, there were people telling me how they love to see my posts, because it somehow motivates them and make them feel entertained
Sometimes, even make them happy!

And guys, that is what matters to me
Making you guys happy and entertained
That is what I wanted to do
It makes me to smile to see other people smile, cause my life was very hard and cruel for me
But if I was to see other people around me smile, because of what I did, that made me the happiest person in this world

Being able to make someone smile, even just a little smile, that means a lot to me

I am sure there are many bloggers and YouTubers that started their channels for a reason and purpose
But sometimes it is really hard to remember that purpose, when there are people who are criticizing you and leaving hate comments on you

Personally, I think what matters the most to yourself is your own reason
Your purpose in your life, and your goal

Come on, people are always going to say some kind of negativity
If that happens to you, don't let that bring you down
Use that negativity to make yourself much stronger
And try to prove them, that they are wrong
Get better at what you do and make everyone see it
Being yourself will be the key to many things in our lives

I hope this will make sense to you guys and all my fellow bloggers / YouTubers

Please stay strong
And be yourself!

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