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(Review ★) Palty Hair Dye : Milk Tea Brown

Hello everyone
Today I have hair dye review
This is popular Japanese hair dye Palty product, which is significantly designed for Asian hair
Asian hair tends to be thicker and is much difficult to go brighter, compare to people from America
And to help us to get the color we want, Palty was discovered

I usually only recommend this for Asian people, or have thick dark hair that is difficulty to get the color you want

PALTY MILK TEA BROWN : $17.99 USD (PinkyParadise)

Palty is very well known and popular hair dye in Japan and asian country
They have variety of light hair colors which is mainly used for women who are into Gyaru style
They recently came out with two different hair dye product:
Regular bleaching type
And Bubble type which will prevent spilling

Although I personally enjoy the bubble type hair dye, for my color I thought using bleach type is more suitable for me

** Also to remind you guys, for the best result, some bleaching process will be required if you want to get similar result to the color that is shown on the box

Especially for those who have dyed to darker color, such as blue black, you will need to strip previous hair dye off from your hair, cause it may result in different color than you were intending to get!


This product contains:
#1 Hair Color Cream (Tube)
#2 Color Water
2 x Hair Treatment Pack (Tsubaki Oil)
Brush type nozzle
1 Pair of Plastic Gloves

Color I have chosen is Milk Tea Brown
Since I wanted to try beige color, I purchased this particular color

In some cases they will have what is in the hair dye in English but some may not, so remember that

One box will cover hair length that touches your shoulder
So if you have longer hair, I recommend you to purchase 2 or more boxes depending on you hair's length
(** My hair comes down about 2-3 inches below my shoulder and I used 2 boxes)

This product has comb-type nozzle to help you with even coverage
However, personally I don't like using them much, since I have thick layer of hair,
it's really difficult to comb it through properly

Instruction came in 4 different languages: Korean, Japanese, English, and Chinese
I thought it was really nice, cause when I am remembering the time I first got Palty, I didn't know how to use it cause it was all in Japanese and I didn't knew any Japanese back then

Now that we look over the product, let's get to coloring!

And if you guys remember from my previous hair dye post,
I recommend you to not wash your hair day before you are going to dye your hair
Cause when you wash your hair, you're basically stripping natural oil to protect your hair
And if without that natural protection, your hair is facing risk of getting more damaged, due to the chemicals in the hair dye

**And since this is bleach type product, more damage may occur!!

For my best result, I have bleached my hair 2 times to get light as possible
If you have blonde or lighter hair, this color will make your hair color to become darker!


1. Twist open the cap of cream colorant

2. And use the top part of cap to break the seal

3. Pour cream color into cream developer and close it with the lid

4. After closing the lid, shake it all the way so they mixed together really well
And them change the nozzle and apply it all over your hair
Wash it off after 20 minutes (DON'T WAIT FOR MORE! IT WILL FRY YOUR HAIR!)


When I bleach my hair, it has that red tint to it, cause I have dyed it to dark brown color
Usually if you try to go blonde after dying it to black, your hair initially have red tint to it
If you are trying to go to super blonde, I would have used purple toner to even out red tint, however, since I was going right to hair coloring I did not do that

As you can see, after I dyed my hair to Milk Tea Brown, it actually evened out any patch part as well as the red tint from my hair
It became nice grey beige color in the beginning
Also you may see how my roots are little bit darker, but that is because I waited about a week before dying my hair, so it basically bleached my roots into Milk Tea Brown color

I was very satisfied with the result for this color
My prior experience of Palty, yes the color worked, however I wasn't able to get the color I wanted
But now that I have more experience in coloring hair, I knew what I did wrong and did my process properly this time

As I mention, Palty is more of bleach type of dye, which helps dark Asian hair to become light
therefore, it will feel really dry after you dye it!
If that is the case, apply Tsubaki oil that the kit contains
It will help your hair to be restore with it moisture and shine

Remember if you are purchasing this item from PinkyParadise,
enter "khyunwal" in coupon code are to obtain your mystery gift with your purchase!

For any questions and concerns please feel free to leave a comment




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