Thursday, June 5, 2014

(Review ★) Etude House Nymph Aura Line Balm

Hello everyone~
Today's review is some foundation make-up I have been meaning to do for a long time
This is Etude House Nymph Aura Line Balm, which was quite popular couple years ago in Korea

There are many great products from Etude House, and I have to say this is one of my favorite item from them~
Just to give little introduction, this foundation was probably one of the very first foundations which was designed to create dewy finish once you apply it

Etude House Nymph Aura Line Balm : $25.52 USD (W2Beauty)

Nymph Aura's Line Balm has tiny shimmers inside of it as well as oil which has great ability to bounce the light off once it hits your skin, it has amazing Light Scattering Effect, which makes your skin to appear as if it was glowing

Not only that the foundation itself has amazing ability to fit your skin perfectly
By mixing foundation and the Line Balm by 7:3 ratio, you are gonna create clean and bright skin tone

In the product itself consists many collagen and amino acid, which will help your skin to get soft
And have ingredients like argon oil, avocado oil, and Hyaluronic Acid, which will create thin coat and moisturize your skin for long time

This product was first product to introduce Etude House's signature double layered puffs
And for this particular one, it has shape of water drop, that way the mixture ratio is the perfect and be able to apply the product to places where its usually hard to reach

For color wise, this product comes in two different color:
N02 Light Beige
W13 Natural Beige


This product is very nice small compact type of material, and before you use it
be sure to check that "Open" sticker to ensure that the product is indeed brand new
Also interesting fact
In order to open this product, you actually need to twist counterclock-wise to unlock the compact!

On the back, you will find the production date
Mine was made in 9/17/2013

Once you open it, you will find the lovely water drop shaped puff, and a mirror

Once you remove the puff, you will find disclaimer saying "Close the lid all the way, after using them"

Once you open the lid,  you will find the product itself
This product is actually quite soft, so be sure to press lightly with the puff when you are using them


In order to get that perfect 7:3 ratio, take your puff and make circular motion in clock-wise

See how the puff pick up the product really well???

Now to test out the how it looks, I applied the product on the right side of my hand
And as you can see from the picture, once I applied the product my skin is able to bounce more lights off and make my skin to appear very dewy

Now, this is to compare how it looks when it comes to coverage
Before applying the product my skin appears to be have red blemishes and uneven skin tone
But once I applied Nymph Aura Line Balm, my skin became more even tone, and it covered up my blemishes really well
I didn't apply any other base make-up or concealer, and considering that this did amazing job of making my skin appear flawless

I feel like this product is really good, especially if you have dry skin or live in a place where it tends to get really dry
This product helped my skin to stay moisturized all day and also had no sign of darkening what so ever!

**For any questions and concerns please feel free to leave a comment!




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  1. Oh very good product, this has been on my wishlist for a long time~
    This looks like a very good product.
    Now I´m following you in Bloglovin´#" and GFC #20
    I hope your follow me back in both!

    1. Thank you ^^ It is pretty good~! I really like the texture of this especially! I followed you back via Bloglovin and Tumblr!

  2. lovely review!
    I'd love to try this or one of those innisfree cushion foundations as well~
    I'm inviting you to join my first blog giveaway~ I hope you will join!
- Charmaine

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    1. Thank you ^^ I wonder what Innisfree products are like, I personally haven't used them, but my blogger friend told me its really good! I will check out your giveaway ^^


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