Monday, June 30, 2014

(Review ★) Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam : June

As month of June is ending, here is my review on how the June : Tea Tree cleansing foam worked on my skin!

Also don't forget to read my review on May : Green Tea cleansing foam review right below

Every Month Cleansing Foams : June, Tea Tree $10.70 USD (W2Beauty)

In month of June, with more intensive sunlight and warm weather, your skin tends to break out and have excessive oils
This is the month when your skin tends to get really bad
So for month of June, they used Tea Tree as main ingredient for this cleansing foam

Tea Tree is made from leaf of Melaleuca alternifolia, a native plant of Australia.
Tea Tree is really popular ingredient when it comes to caring for skin troubles
It is good with killing bacteria, reduces inflammation and get rid of any dead skin cells which may cause many nasty skin troubles


I really like the color of this cleansing foam container, cause it has nice cool tone green to it
It really stand out from other cleansing foams that I own

Be sure to check the seal before using this itme

This foam is another Fresh Cream type of foam, which is same as May : Green Tea product
It is clean white color foam, which gets very foamy, once you add water to it


I have tested out its ability of fresh cleansing
As you can see, it erased very heavy thick make-up without any troubles
I really love how both May and June cleansing foam has amazing ability in erasing the make-up off completely, which is very important during summer time

This made my skin to feel very fresh instantly

As you can see in this comparison, my skin before using this cleansing foam was very irritated from warm weather
I always have hard time, when it is dry outside, because my skin gets irritated easily

But right after I washed my face with Tea Tree cleansing foam, without any other products added on my skin, cleansing foam itself made my skin very white and got rid of any skin troubles I had!
I used it for about couple weeks now, and thanks to this foam, I have not seen any harsh blemishes or skin trouble happened this whole month!

Now, I got this cool gadget which will be used on my skin care product review
This device will tell how much moisture, oil and soft my skin is by placing detector on my skin

Before I used cleansing foam, my skin was at such a terrible state
It had almost no moisture, but had no oil and was very rough

However, after I cleaned my face with the foam, my skin gained more of its natural moisture and oil back, which made my skin very soft!

I personally never used Tea Tree before, so it surprised me how good it was on my skin!
If you are having many acne troubles as well as dealing with dry skin, this is definitely something you should look in to!

I hope you guys enjoyed this review
For any questions and concerns, please leave a comment below




  1. Hi. I also have this tea tree every month cleansing foam which I always use it at night. I heard it absorbs almost all of the popular and sometimes too much. I am very confuse on whether am I supposed to use it in the Morning too? How about you, how many times a day do you use it? Thanks xx

    1. Usually for the cleansing foam I only use it at the end of day in the evening to get rid of any excess oil and dirt from my skin as well as removing my make-up. Cause using cleansing foam day and night can be little over done. In the morning I usually just clean it off with the Wonder Pore freshener and then apply some moisturizing cream over before applying make-up. I may do my daily skin care routine video if you want to see


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