Thursday, May 29, 2014

(Review ★) Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foams : May, Green Tea

Hello everyone
Today I have review on Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foams series.
I will be doing reviews of this series every month so tune in to the blog and YouTube!

 Every Month Cleansing Foams : May, Green Tea $10.70 USD (W2Beauty)

You know how difficult it is for you to find that perfect cleansing foam for your skin
Especially how the weather is always changing in every month?
Well guess what!
This product will be great help for you, because Every Month Cleansing Foam series are dedicated to take care of your skin in any weather all year around!

In month of May, when Summer is coming around the corner,
this is the month where many people have troubles with oily skin and skin troubles cause of the warm weather
Not only that there is so many sebum forming around your face!
Well, to help you with that, May use Green tea as it's main ingredient, which is amazing beauty ingredient that has whitening effect as well as cleaning your skin!

Because of Green Tea's cleaning effect on the skin, this will give nice fresh and cleaning effect to your skin!

Now, let's take a look at the product~


I really like the design of this product, because they nice image printed which signifies the main ingredient for each month
Also they have put number of each month it was meant for~

If you look in the back, they have nice description of the product in English~
This will be very helpful for those international customers who can't speak Korean

Whenever you purchase this item, be sure to check the seal by twist opening the cap
If it's new, it will have nice seal like this
If not, you have to make sure you get the new one

For Green Tea foam, it is white foam, which is usual color for cleansing foam
This has little bit of Green tea scent than soapy smell, which I really liked it

Once I mix the foam with the water it gets very foamy, but because of the lighting it appears to be watery than it actually is


I tested its ability of "Fresh & Clean" by applying it
To test it out, I applied Tonymoly Baby Aura CC Cream Balm on my hand

As you can see, Green Tea foam did amazing job with cleaning off the make-up completely, without me having to use any other make-up cleanser
After using this product, you can see how my skin has brightened up a bit

I really like using this product since it gives nice clean and fresh finish right after using it
My skin felt much clean, and I didn't feel any oil or sebum creating around my face at all
I recommend using this cleanser for morning and night time especially for this upcoming summer time!

I hope you guys enjoyed this review
For any questions and concerns, please leave a comment below





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