Monday, April 21, 2014

[NEWS] Pinky Paradise New Promotion starting

Hello everyone!
I hope all of you guys enjoyed your Easter Weekend!

So, my sponsor PinkyParadise is having Easter promotion going on,
and guess what!
You can get following lenses for 40% off, until April 24, 2014

First series is G&G Shimmer Series

G&G Shimmer series will make your eyes glow like a jewel, and let it shine!
As well as enlarging your eyes, it's streaky glittery print will allow your eyes to get the little sparkle!
They come in Gray, Hazel and Yellow!

Usually this lens is $23.99 USD, but if you get it before 4/24/2014
You can get it for $14.34 USD!!
Get your pair before it's too late~

Second series is G&G Tulip Series!

Since it's spring time, a pair of this will help you to get that Spring delight into your eyes~
It has nice flower prints, which will make your eyes stands out from everyone else!
This comes in four different colors: Blue, Gray, Pink, and Brown
This is normally $23.99 USD, but with Easter promotion, you can get 40% off, which makes it $14.34 USD!
Get your pair before 4/24/2014

Last but not least, it's Princess Pinky Radiance series!
This is new series after the Princess Pinky Eclipse series!
This will give the sparkle and life to your eyes,  which will brighten up like a nice spring sunshine.
They are on sale for $17.34 USD, until 4/24/2014.
If you are looking for a lens that will give you amazing color and nice enlargement, grab your pairs today!

Also for those people who purchase above $60 USD, you will get a free Easter inspired Travelling Kit!
They come in cute egg designs!
This will make your lens collection all cute~

Also, don't forget to enter "khyunwal" in the coupon code area with your purchase
to get a mystery gift!!




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