Monday, March 31, 2014

(Tutorial ♥) 2NE1 Crush Collaboration : Happy MV Look

As celebrating the come back of 2NE1, couple blogger gal pals and I decided to do 2NE1 Crush Collaboration.
For this month, we decided to started off with Happy look.
Since the spring is just around the corner, giving that cheerful look seemed suitable look to start this collaboration with!

For Park Bom, youngest and adorable Momochiime will be creating her look

For Sandara Park, I will be creating her simple and yet delightful look

For 2NE1's leader CL, our amazing Misa will be creating her own version of CL

And Last but not least, Minzy with her new look will be created by Akira.

Momochiime : Park Bom

Akira : Minzy

Misa : CL
You can check out her tutorial at her blog

K. Hyunwal : Sandara Park




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