Thursday, February 6, 2014

(Food Recipe ♠) Champong "Spicy Seafood Noodle"

Hi everyone~!
Today I actually have a korean food recipe for you guys~!
If you follow me on Instagram, I sometimes post pictures of the food I made. 
And I saw my lovely girl Misa talking about how I should to food recipe blog, because many people wants to try making korean food on their own. 

Since cold weather had been keeping everyone cold and sick, I thought I would warm you guys up with the recipe of how to make Hot Spicy Champong, or also known as Spicy Seafood Noodle!
Champong is really popular noodle dish in Korean, that is prepared with hot spicy broth with seafood a nd vegetables in it.
They're supposedly originated in Japan with influence from China, but in Japan they serve it with the broth without using red pepper powder to make it spicy.
There are also instant noodle version of this, which you might be able to find it in your local Asian Market or Korean Market.
Tastes varies at every restaurants or the company that makes them.

In this you can use seafood such as squids, shrimps, clams and scallions.
And you can put vegetables of your choice such as onions, red peppers, green onions, cabbage, and etc.
Champong is considered to be mild to high in spiciness depending on your likes~
I love spicy food, so I like to make mine spicy, but you can make it less spicy by putting less red pepper powder!


** I usually save the root part of Leek to help the broth to become more spicy and have more flavor~
But you can also make it without it!

I hope you guys will like this dish~!
Stay tuned for more upcoming blogs~~




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