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(Review ★) Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Foam #5 Medium Brown

Hello everyone!
For today's review, I actually have a hair dye product review!

Now I have been asked several times on how to do your own hair dye as well as hair styling.
I don't go to hair salons to get my hair done for several reasons

1. They have hard time working with my hair, since they are not used to working with Asian hair
2. Too pricey for something you can do it on your own
3. I like learning to do things on my own

I have been cutting my hair and coloring my hair since I was about 13
And I actually got pretty good at it (I also had some actual hair-stylists as friends, and they taught me few tips)

I had my hair to ash blonde for a quite a long time, and I wanted some changes to my hair color.
So, I decided to go back to darker hair color, that way my roots doesn't show up as much
But instead of dying my whole hair into medium brown, I decided to do Ombre style

Product used today is Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Foam #5 Medium Brown
You can get this at any drug store for around $12 USD

Before I get coloring, let's check out what is in the kit.
They have the Developer, Colorant, Pumper, and Conditioner
This is pretty much ordinary kit settings that you guys will find at any drug store bought hair dye product.
I personally like the foam hair dye, because it doesn't drip as much as the regular hair dye,
also in my experience, I found foam type to have more even coloring.
So if you are not so much fan of messy hair dye product, this is the product you should check out!

I know everyone has their own preference on the hair product, but for my hair type I actually enjoyed using Garnier products, because lots of their products use three different types of fruit oils - Avocado, Olive and Shea.

Avocado oil is good for moisturizing dry, brittle, and damaged hair. And since it has very light weight formula, it absorbs to your hair and scalp without any difficulty.Avocado oil has many nutrients including Vitamin A,B,D,E, protein, amino acids, iron, copper, magnesium, and folic acid, which are beneficial for nourishment, hair growth, and restoring scalp health (especially those with dry, itchy scalp)
It is also good for deep conditioning, strengthening hair, and adding shine.
That is why you will find lots of hair product now-a-days which use avocado oils

Olive oil has been known for their great effect on promoting skin health and been part of a regular hair care regimen. I have seen many heat protect treatment made with Olive oil, which is very effective with keeping your hair soft and healthy from using hair dryer and hair irons.

Olive oil has the fatty acids which will coat the shaft of your hair, helping to keep it healthy and protected.
I used lots of hair dye and iron on my hair, so this is usually MUST NEEDED ingredients for any hair treatment product that I chose to use.
Olive oil is good for dandruff treatments, frizzy hair tamers hair shiner, as well as softens your hair.
If you are considering using actual olive oil for your hair care, it is recommended to use once a week for best result. (Just because you use it everyday, that doesn't mean your hair is going to be great!)

Now last important ingredient, non-the-less Shea Butter Oil!
I know lots of beauty products for women most likely to contain Shea Butter into it, because it is known ingredients which helps with moisturizing your skin!
Shea butter is a solid fatty oil that is obtained from the nuts of Karite Trees (a.k.a. Mangifolia) which grows around savanna region of west and central Asia.
Shea butter contains nutrients such as oleic acid, stearic acid, linoleic acid and others which gets absorbed to your skin almost instantly and melts at body temperature.
Many people knows Shea butter is good for skin, but may not know that it is also good for your hair!
There is numerous advantage for hair from Shea butter but to pick out the most significant ones are, soothes dry and irritates scalp, moisturizer for hair, hair protection and hair softener.

Now that I am done explaining, lets get to coloring!

 Now usually when you are coloring your hair, ** it is recommended that you don't wash your hair before the coloring, because you will strip all the natural oil from your hair by washing it.
And if there isn't enough natural oil on your hair, your hair is not going to be able to absorb colors.
If you want to wash your hair, you should do it the night before you decided to dye your hair.
And be sure not to use any other product on your hair!

1. After leaving your hair dirty, put colorant to the developer

2. After you pour in colorant, close it with pumps, and BE SURE NOT TO SHAKE IT!
You don't want to shake this product, because developer and colorant will mix in together in the pump.

3. Pump generous amount on your hair (with gloves on) and apply it on your hair
The color of the foam will be white at first, but once it hits the oxygen, it will get darker and darker.

4. You will wash them off after 25 minutes , more or less depending on how fast the color develops

Since I am doing Ombre style, I am only applying it on the top of my hair
If you are trying out this hair, and want to know what kind of bleach I use for my hair,
I highly recommend product "Quick Blue" from L'oreal
You can buy this product at store like, Sally Beauty or other hair salon product store for about $23 USD
I usually buy big 1lb tub of it, since I need quite some bleach to cover all of my hair.

I always use this bleach to get the color I want.
I was recommend this product by one of the hair salon worker, when I asked for the most effective bleach
(especially for getting out black hair dye from your hair)
This product indeed does it's job and seems like doing little less damage than other hair bleach

When you use this product be sure to purchase the Volume 30 Developer!
If you don't get the right developer, it is possible for you to fry your hair.
So be sure to check them!

You will want to mix  2 fl oz of developer for every four scoops of bleach powder
And mix them well together and use a brush to carefully apply it on the hair.
When you are bleaching your hair, be sure to start from the end of your hair, NOT ROOTS
Because your roots will change its color instantly, and you do not want to have super light roots, while having darker hair.


I really liked the results of it.
Because I was worried what if the colors doesn't stay as even I hoped it to be
And it didn't disappointed me!!
Color came out amazing, just the color I wanted!
They have variety of colors for this product, so you can chose the color you desire!
But if you are wanting to go lighter color, I recommend you guys to first bleach your hair
Wait for about a week and then dye to color you want to get.

If you guys have any questions about how to color your hair or styling, please leave a comment!
I will be glad to give you answer to your questions ^^






  1. does the garnier coloring foam hair dye work better then the revlon hair dye? oh and where did you buy the loreal quick blue bleach from too?

    1. I've been using lots of foam dyes, instead of liquid types cause it isn't messy. I mean revlon is kind of cheaper side when it comes to hair dye so the color doesn't stay as long. I do like garnier for the reason how the color shows up really fast. But I like to try out different brand all the time ^^ You should be able to purchase loreal quick blue bleach at your local hair salon shops, if you can't find it ask the employee of the store to help you ^^


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