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(Review★) Etude House - Bling Bling Eye make-up Collection (SPONSORED by W2BEAUTY)

Hello everyone!
Today I have 4 different eye make ups to review about.
This is another sponsored review from W2BEAUTY

Now to tell you guys little bit about W2BEAUTY  is that, the owner Alice is actually in Korea.
So all of the items that are being shipped to you are actual authentic Korean cosmetics!!
And to be honest, you are getting all the items for most incredible price, because I do know how much each items costs and unlike other online Korean cosmetic store who charge you little extra, W2BEAUTY is charging you items' actual price in Korea.
So you guys should definitely check out if you are Korean Cosmetic lovers!

Another thing that I loved about W2BEAUTY was that my items came really quick, and Alice who is super friendly, actually made sure I got all the items that I asked for less than a week since I purchased
 (I ordered some items after I was being sponsored, and Alice checked my message and sent all the items together)

Also there was so many samples that came with my items, I was really excited to try them out.
Cause the free samples that I got was ones that I've wanted to try!!

As you can see all the items are individually bubble wrapped, so it won'y be damaged!
Love it when people put lots of thoughts in packaging ♥
It shows their sincerity!!

And the nice little business card from Alice ★
It is so adorable >ㅁ<

1st photo is all the items that I have received, but now would you believe that almost half of them were the free samples?!!!

Although I have quite some products to do reviews on, today I am gonna do the reviews on products from Etude House.
I named it Bling Bling Collection, just because the items that I picked from Etude House were all shimmery type of eye makeup~ 

Now the first item that I will be talking about is Etude House "Bling Bling Eyestick #1 Shooting Star"
Etude House's Bling Bling Eyestick comes in 6 different colors as you can see from above.
They comes in White, Pink, Orange, Ivory, Gold, and Brown
This product is stick-type of cream shadow, so the application is very easy.

Now let's check it out!

The package is very nice.
It has nice pen-like figure, which makes it easy to use.
As you can see, you can see the color of the shadow at the bottom of the stick before you apply them on.

Now what I learned something new about Etude House products is that, they all come with seals on them, so you can check whether or not if the item is authentic and if it is new.

The thing I like about Korean stick eye shadow is that you don't have the sharpen them after every use~
You can just simply rotate the stick like a pen ♥


Starting from the left I applied the Bling Bling Stick Once, Twice, then Three times


This eye shadow can be used to create Puffy eye, which is really popular Korean Make-up style now-a-days.
Even lots of Ulzzangs use them to create baby doll-like looks!
But you can also use this item as contour or highlighter for your face, because of the amount of shine it gives when you apply them.

To use this pen, you just simply apply it, and smuge it with your finger to blend it out.

2. Etude House Styling Eyeliner #2 : $5.31 USD

2nd item that I will be talking about is Styling Eyeliner #2 White.
This eyeliner comes in two colors, which are black and white.
This has little thick texture compare to the Bling Bling Eyestick.
But this eyeliner can also used to create "Puffy eye"

Don't forget to check the seal on the cap!

This product actually use Vegetable wax, which allows the color to stay on longer after the application.
And also, although I did said it has pretty thick texture, it is still soft enough to not irritate your eyes when you put it on.
And since my skin around eye area is quite delicate, I really enjoyed using this product.



As I mentioned before, some people like to use this product to create eye bag underneath your eyes because of its creamy texture.
However I like to use it as eyeliner as it is, and apply in on my waterline to make my eyes appear bigger.
And you know that Ulzzang look is all about make your eyes look BIGGER~

3. Etude House Tear Drop Powder #1 & #9 : $9.68 USD

3rd item I will be talking about is Tear Drop Powder.   (✪㉨✪)

Now Tear Drop Powder recently came out, and it is mostly used to create those teary eye look, which is quite popular among Ulzzang's to make their eyes look innocent and big.
With diamond powder added into it, it gives more shine than any shimmery powder product out there!

Now this products give out different colors depending where the lighting is.
So you can either use it as the way it is or apply it over after eye shadow to give more light into your eyes.

This product comes in 4 different colors
#1 Crystal White Tear
#2 Crystal Gold Tear
#3 Crystal Violet Tear
#9 Crystal Pearl Tear

But for this review, I only got Crystal White Tear and Crystal Pearl Tear to try out since those are the colors I most likely to wear~

Look at this cute little design~
I always get amused by the designs that Etude House's cosmetic have!
They are just so cute and princess-like ♥

 #1 has white shimmery color as you can see in the picture.

#9 has that baby color tone which I can't wait to try out!

(**When you open the bottle be sure to check for the seal on the opening.)
As you can see the opening is actually quite small, which is good,
because that way the powder won't get all over the place!!
(And we all know how difficult to get the glitter out!)



Since this is loose powder and most likely to fly all over the place, for best application you can either use q-tips or sponge eye shadow applicators     (*´▽`*)

For the looks, there is two ways to do it.

Natural look : 
Base make-up -> Tear Drop Powder

Beauty look:
Base make-up -> eye make-up (Eyeshadow, eyeliners, and etc,) -> Tear Drop Powder

Used on Make Up

Combination of Bling Bling Eyestick + Styling Eyeliner
I used these two items for the make-up look inspired by Tsubasa Masuwaka.
I used Bling Bling Eyestick on the top of my eyelids as well as inner corner of my eyes.
For the Styling eyeliner, I put it on my waterline. (You can probably see how my eyes brightened and widened up.)

Tear Drop Powder

As you guys can see, my eyes are getting more lights into it, after I applied Tear Drop Powder because of the shine of the powder itself.
This is really good for Ulzzang make-up!

If you guys want to purchase this awesome products
go to W2BEAUTY right now!





  1. so many items! ^^ love the bling stick! :D plus I really adore your last pictures with the makeup on, your curls are so lovely too jesse! what are those lioele products? are they lipsticks? cant wait for your reviews!

    1. I know right?? And they were really generous price too~ (I purchased some of them, and sponsored with others) I want my blog to be most informative as possible, so I want to show people how they can use each cosmetics ^^ Those lioele products are eyesticks too. But I will be doing reviews on them as well. But at the moment I am thinking about posting skin care product reviews first, and then do another beauty product reviews. I want to take turns in what information I post >_</// You are so sweet Misa-chan~!! I love doing hair too, I basically taught myself how to do variety of styling, cutting, and etc. I want to share my knowledge with everyone lol

  2. I love eye sticks! They're really easy to use :3
    Your make ups are really cute :3

    1. This was my 1st time using eye shadow stick, and I absolutely loved it ! I will be bringing more reviews and tutorials as much as possible. Stay tuned ^^


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