Wednesday, January 8, 2014

(Guideline for Circle Lens♡) 1. How to wear and take care of circle lens

Hello all~
Today I have guideline for you guys on how to properly wear and take care of your circle lens~
I hope you guys will enjoy!!

Starting this post, I will be posting various information regarding on circle lens,
that way you guys have better idea on the facts and how-to about circle lenses, especially those who never worn contact lens before ^^

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  1. I really needed blogspot like this because I sometimes wear circle lenses but actually no one write how to take care of lenses.. Thank you so much! ^_^
    And your blog is so lovely:) I'm following you.

    Have a nice day:)

    1. I am glad you liked this post ^^ I noticed that there are lots of beauty bloggers / vloggers who use lots of circle lenses, but never really properly explain how to take care of your lens, and what to look out for. I want my blog to be most informative way as possible for all those people who are searching for what is right for them when it comes to cosmetics, hair care, and etc. I will post more information on guideline for circle lens ^^


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